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For six months in Japan recorded 170 cases of money laundering through crypto-exchanges

The National Police Agency of Japan (NPA) issued a report on money laundering cases, including using crypto-currency. According to the local newspaper Japan Times , crypto-exchange exchanges are obliged to inform law enforcement agencies about all suspicious transactions.

According to the report, from April to September 2017, operators of crypto exchange platforms reported 170 questionable transactions. At present, all the data have been transferred to the relevant investigative bodies.

"We intend to take countermeasures in cooperation with relevant ministries and departments, as well as with operators of crypto-currency companies," a Japanese police spokesman said.
It is worth noting that traditional money for the period was used for money laundering in excess of 1.1 million times.

Recall, since April, bitcoin and other crypto-currencies are recognized in Japan as official means of payment . The official permission to conduct crypto-currency exchanges is available in 11 Japanese exchanges .