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Exchange Bitfinex added support for YOYO crypto currency

The second in the world in terms of daily trading volume, the Bitfinex Exchange has added to the listing the digital currency YOYOW (YOYO).

Trade in new crypto currency is available in pairs with bitcoin, Ethereum (ETH) and the US dollar.

As noted on the project site , YOYOW is a block-ecosystem for various content (text, video, images, audio, etc.). Through the mechanisms of decentralized consensus, the system rewards creators of content, investors, curators and users of the platform. Detailed details about the project are indicated in the whitepaper .

Also recently, the popular Hong Kong stock exchange has added QASH crypto currency support.


QASH is a universal native token of the FITEX platform LIQUID
As in the case of YOYO, QASH trading is available in pairs with BTC, ETH and USD.

Earlier, ForkLog reported on how the scandalously known company Tether Ltd and the Bitfinex exchange are connected among themselves .