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EU Central Banker: Bitcoin is not a currency

In the world's most popular digital currency cryptocurrency - bitcoin this issue, the EU Central Bank bankers are louder and louder. The speed at which Bitcoin prices skyrocket seems to coincide with the speed of speech propagation such as digital asset threat theory. Recently, the governor of the Belgian National Bank (NBB) said: "De-centralization is not a single currency and we should let more people know about it."
Asked about the possibility of the EU issuing cryptocurrencies, Jan Smets, the NBB president, replied: "After a series of defamation of the market leader in cryptocurrencies,

"We have to accept innovation, which can bring benefits to the payment system."
In the story of De Vrije Markt, Jan Smets said:

"People who invest bitcoin can lose a lot, and we remind people to do the same, even though the current risks are small." With Bitcoin being included in the financial product spectrum, cryptocurrency could be brought about by instability Broader broader disastrous economic impact. "
NBB is the Belgian central bank and a member of the Eurosystem. In addition to NBB's position, 66-year-old Jan Smets has also worked in more than a dozen board, academic and financial fields.

In the summer of 2014, NBB made an impressive remark on bitcoin in a joint statement with the Belgian Financial Services and Market Authority (FSMA). Among them, they warned that it is not a legal currency, in addition to being hacked, the price is not stable, there are some bitcoin investors are familiar with and common risk. Until then, Belgium was considered one of the most active crypto digital currencies in Europe, at least for some insiders.
In the three and a half years that followed, Jan Smets was concerned about the purchasing power of these decentralized currencies and pointed out that unlike the euro, there was such a steady support from the European Central Bank. He believes it is his point of view that the price of bitcoin rose from about $ 1,000 at the beginning of this year to around $ 15,000.

Finally, the EU central banker urged: "Let's stop by saying Bitcoin is money, unlike Bitcoin, Bitcoin is not a payment method supported by the central bank or the government, so bitcoin is not a currency."