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Enterprise blockchain technology milestone, Corda platform formally entered the Amazon AWS market

Blockchain Alliance Startup R3 has officially launched the Corda Distributed Ledger (DLT) platform on the Amazon Web Services System (AWS) market.

According to the R3 blog, AWS users can now develop and deploy financial and business applications - or use existing "CorDapps" from R3 - Corda has become one of the first available DLT solutions on the AWS market.

R3 chief executive David E. Rutter said the news marks a "milestone" in enterprise-class blockchain technology.

Rutter continues:

"Corda's strength lies in its dynamic and interoperable application ecosystem, extending the pool of potential developers to a vast network of AWS users will inspire further enterprise innovation and create innovative financial and commercial DLT applications."
R3 Blockchain Alliance currently has more than 100 banks, regulators and technology companies, and in October this year announced the launch of Corda's product-level version.

Corda's version of this product is R3 in order to ensure that the platform's three core APIs are compatible with older versions of the software.

Cora 1.0 also improves privacy, including support for encrypted identities and a more scalable web mapping service.