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eBay executives - Cryptocurrencies have become a trend, and we're thinking about accepting bitcoin payments

According to eBay executives, as one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world, they are considering accepting encrypted currency payments.

Consider adding bitcoin to pay

Scott Cutler, eBay's senior vice president for Americas, said the electricity giant is discussing whether to begin accepting cryptocurrencies.

This is a trend, everyone is talking about it. Unfortunately, eBay does not currently accept Bitcoin as a payment method. We are seriously considering this because these cryptocurrencies have become mainstream payment instruments, but we have not made a decision at this time.
Cutler added that ebay is also a secondary market for cryptocurrencies mining hardware and has added thousands of other products around cryptocurrencies.

Encrypted currency to the mainstream

Although it is unclear whether eBay has a detailed plan to accept cryptocurrency payments, the company has already discussed this topic, which proves that bitcoin has quickly become mainstream.

Earlier last week, bitcoin brokerage app Coinbase was among the top downloads in the Apple Store, indicating that retail investors are rapidly entering the bitcoin ecosystem - Coinbase even disrupting services due to traffic too much.

This week, the CBOE introduced its first Bitcoin futures contract , and the world's largest derivatives exchange, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, will also begin trading Bitcoin next week. Although the primary target for the futures is Wall Street, it has helped to make the bid for the Bitcoin ETF easier for ordinary investors, directly on behalf of brokers or in retirement accounts.

The next important moment will be the universal popularity of cryptocurrencies, which businesses will use to buy goods or services.

Well-known retailers such as Overstock and Newegg began paying bitcoin for many years before, but retailers such as eBay, Amazon and did not officially accept such payments. There have been rumors since the beginning of the year that Amazon plans to accept bitcoin. Recently, Ma Yun, Alibaba's co-founder, said he was not interested in bitcoin, suggesting that Chinese companies would not accept a currency without government support.

Some retailers, including the gaming platform Steam, have stopped accepting bitcoin payments in recent months, as transaction fees have been rising as the currency rises. However, bitcoin is still the best bet for some expensive projects, while competitive coins such as Ethereum, BCH and Litecoin also provide more practical options for smaller transactions.