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Coinbulb is a PTC where you will earn small fractions of Bitcoin FREE! (Satoshis) Good kids! Today I bring you this page that I have been using for a long time and after verifying that it is safe, it pays and it will be durable, I bring it to the blog so that everyone can benefit from it. Coinbulb has been online since January 2017 and today (July) is still working really well and with many ads available every day to see. Coinbulb gets its income mainly by selling advertising to companies and individuals , which put their ads to try to reach a larger audience or get referrals from other pages by putting their links. That's how Coinbulb gets the moneywhich then distributed among all users who see these ads . If you are looking for ways to earn Satoshis for free, this is a great option that I recommend to everyone.

Coinbulb: Features
STATE: Working and paying correctly. 
LANGUAGE: English, but translatable with Google Chrome. 
REFERRED: Yes, 1 level of unlimited referrals. 
APPLICATION FOR PAYMENT: Manual, every day. 

Conclusions about Coinbulb
Well, this is all about Coinbulb and as you can see it's a PTC where you can really earn Bitcoin for free (Satoshis) by watching ads . Its operation is very easy and after this post I am sure that everyone will know how to use it and you will get a good performance. For my part nothing more, just wish you a lot of profits and I will keep you informed of all the news that is going to have this PTC Bitcoin.
If you are not yet registered in Coinbulb you can do it from the button that you have right below. You just have to click on it and follow the registration steps .