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Dialogue Yang Haipo - BitcoinCash is better bitcoin

BitcoinCash, a product of the bitcoin line-of-sight expansion, was four months after its birth and despite significant controversy, much has been achieved at the de facto level.

Community Support, the Bitcoin Cash Foundation (THE BITCOIN CASH FUND) was recently established. As a not-for-profit organization, its mission is to promote the development and use of BCH by allocating funds donated to projects that promote the development of bitcoin cash (BCH). The platform's goal is to get Bitcoin cash (BCH) to serve billions of users within five years.

Ongoing enhancements to development include changes in address format, repair of transactional durables, faster node synchronization, and more.

Application, BCH also performed well. BTC is always considered a common currency in the dark market, but according to the last two weeks, Dream Market, the largest dark market, started accepting BCH. In addition, Blockchain, an online wallet service provider, has launched BCH on its wallet and BitPay, the world's largest bitcoin payment service, has also added support for Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Market support, the world's largest digital currency trading platform Coinbase BCH transactions on the line, BCH is Coinbase on-line BTC, ETH, LTC after the fourth cryptocurrency, which gave the BCH community a shot, also let BCH obtained More international attention. December 5, the European established trading platform Bitstamp on-line BCH transactions OKEX set up a BCH pricing currency column.

Just recently, CoinEx, the first BCH-priced trading platform, was officially launched in late December. The CoinEx team comes from ViaBTC, and founder Yang Haipo has long been a strong supporter of the block. The establishment of CoinEx, the use of BCH as a pricing currency, reflects its determination and firm support for the future development of BCH.

Spend 100BCH to buy CoinEx domain name, to create a brand new around BCH, to pay so much real money must not play. When CoinEx came online, Babbitt held a conversation with Yang Haipo about why he dared to be the first to eat crab, what was the difference between BCH and the other "bifurcated coins," and what the big block proponents Believe in the original intention of BCH.

Our conversation took place two days before CoinEx formally launched. It lasted about an hour. Yang Haopu lazily leaned on the couch of the newly-rented office shortly before, and his wechat messages and phone calls did not stop for almost a moment . A lot of news comes from the BCH hundred group he created. The WeChat group's threshold of inclusion is at least 100 BCHs, and Yang Haipo believes that it has become the focus of domestic discussions on the highest quality of BCHs.

Give some small tidbits:

How much is the domain name? Sea slope: 100 coins. 
So expensive? Slope understatement: Well worth it, I hope it becomes a good global brand. 
There are many voices that you, Osamu, Jiang always pull plate? 
Slope laugh: conspiracy theory is always believed by many people. First, the dealer must have at least 20% of the market share, count the amount of money this is; second, pull plate to me what are the benefits. BitcoinCash has a big market, but no banker.

Dinner contents are as follows:

8btc: talk about the original intention of creating CoinEx, why not extend ViaBTC this brand?

Sea slope: Exchange is a traffic entrance, but the market is not much good, to be safe and stable, efficient enough to meet the user experience very few exchanges, which is why we first involved in the exchange business.
Why did not extend ViaBTC this brand? Before the French currency exchange, but we put farther vision, put a bigger target, the new brand CoinEx for the global market. 
Ideas have also changed, shifting from a single currency-based exchange to a currency exchange, based on a shift in judgment about the future digital money market. In the early days of the digital currency market, there were only exchanges of legal and currency currencies, followed by some currency exchanges. 
Although there are still mainly trading currencies in the legal currency or the anchoring currency, the market for future currency trading will be very large in the future, mainly based on two judgments: diversified digital currencies and a large variety of innovations; ICO and token from smart contracts, Represents another asset, the main transaction of these coins occurs in currency transactions, the birth of a very large game and trading volume. Without borders, the inside of the virtual world is not regulated by the government, and the exchange of law and currency will become the gateway to the gateway and the investors. The market is very big but the competition is fierce.

8btc: As you said, the competition is actually more intense now than before, because it is placed in a larger international market. CoinEx how to deal with competition?

Sea slope: the final winner must be the best technical team. Safe, stable and reliable is the core competitiveness of the exchange, so our team mainly focus on technology and safety, to ensure the safe and stable operation of the exchange. Exchange short-term competition may be market-driven; but in the long-term technology is still the core competitiveness.
In the future direction, CoinEx will selectively support the relatively mature, market-recognized currency. Another is to support margin trading transactions.

Because at present we have two missing links in the currency transaction. The first is the access channel for the legal currency. The second is because BitcoinCash is the currency of its own. If it is swiftly volatile, there is actually a high risk that there will be many sets Paul demand. Therefore, we will launch the futures contract transactions, on the other hand is to do such an OTC platform like localbitcoins.

8btc: Why choose BCH as the base currency?

Sea slope: Because BitcoinCash is better bitcoin.
BitcoinCash's current community foundation and infrastructure support are well established. Including some mainstream institutions are also supported, it gradually has the conditions to become the base currency. It has a huge advantage in terms of transfer rates and speeds and I think it will outperform BTC and become the largest digital currency of the future.

Based on these judgments, we have a very big advantage in starting this trade fair with the first BitcoinCash-based currency. First, we can harness the power of the community to get early users faster. This is a healthy development; the future When BitcoinCash became the largest digital currency, we had a very big opportunity as the first exchange to support us.

8btc: You just said it could be a base currency, but in the past month or two we've seen two very drastic fluctuations in the price of BitcoinCash. How so volatile are the base currencies?

Sea slope: BCH is still in the conceptual phase, there is a very big controversy, its overall market size is relatively small, so it is prone to major fluctuations. In the future, as the user size becomes larger and the number of users increases, it may also become stable like the foreign exchange. From concept to growth to maturity.
BTC has entered a growth stage, but in the original growth period but refused to expand, this is suicidal. Refusing to expand its user base, which is also an opportunity for bitcoin cash.

8btc: In fact, in your concept, BitcoinCash is bitcoin.

Sea slope: yes. There is a problem here defining what is bitcoin. According to the definition of the white paper, then BitcoinCash is consistent, the original bitcoin can not do currency, each transaction or even pay a hundred dollars fee, an average of three or four hours waiting time. A hundred dollars in transaction fees have been able to block the vast majority of bitcoin applications, most of the existing transactions may be moving between the exchange of bricks. Most payment scenarios have been killed, such as steem, an app that everyone once cheered and now killed. 
Bit cash can be seen as an upgrade, bitcoin is like a 16-year Ethernet classic. As to which bitcoin is called BitcoinCash, more is the political struggle that people cause. This shows why although digital currency is decentralized, it is still centralized at the moment. 
Some of the core people they define are Bitcoin. Like the Ethereum community, V defines which is Ethereum that is Ethereum, the bitcoin community, and Core defines which bitcoin is Bitcoin, which is true from this perspective. But we look at BitcoinCash is the first to create the ideal and the vision of the future, BitcoinCash is bitcoin. 
Technically there is no essential difference between the two, are a chain. Today's hard-fork is a means of escalation, and the distinction between naming, on the one hand, is more on the one hand, and on the other, from the inherent prejudices of the people. The future I think everyone will recognize the high price is bitcoin. BitcoinCash overtaking btc in the next 1-3 years is an inevitable thing to happen.
8btc: Whose speech do you think is the largest in the current community? miner? Blockstream? Or community users?

Seaport: In the original bitcoin community, Blockstream and Core had their utmost, and to a certain extent, equivalent, they could do almost everything they wanted; 
but in the bitcoin community, Relative bitcoin is more decentralized, because there is no obvious center, more of a voice from the community. Inside the BitcoinCash community, everyone is more rational and open-minded to accept different opinions. Although the development team is dominated by bitcoin ABC, but different development team, the agreement is compatible.
Bitcoin is the first bitcoin developer and supporter to come together. If you compare Bitcoin to a company, 90% of the top tier may have gone away, early players have left, and most of the value proponents have been new Field of some white users, they look for the Bitcoin name and brand. You can see very core expert users, are voicing support for BitcoinCash, such as Roger, Gavin, Vitalik, avoid cold.

8btc: How do you think about the current "fork currency" (such as SBTC, BCX, BTG, BCD ...)? Are they essentially the same as BCH?

Sea slope: "fork currency" and BitcoinCash there is an essential difference: the birth of the history and purpose are not the same
BitcoinCash is the result of a community split. This is from within the Bitcoin community, small blocks and large blocks of struggle. Hard fork after a series of attempts, all efforts have failed, the ultimate way is to create another world. 
BitcoinCash has come a long way beyond our expectations, the community is very positive support and acceptance, it has a huge community base.

Most other bifurcations are based on the notion of "bifurcated currency," a model such as BitcoinCash, coupled with the exchanges and some of the leaders' platforms. They do not themselves have a community foundation and a value foundation. The basic nature of the currency is the community, the core user groups to give them the value. At present, some of the "fork currency" are mostly created by the ambitious people in the air, the birth of the history and purpose are not the same. But it can not be said that it has absolutely no user base as they have the price to indicate that there must be investor support but not as big as the support for BitcoinCash in terms of user community and core community.

8btc: Returning to the original intention of supporting BCH, in the initial debate there was a frequent "buy coffee with bitcoin" example. BCH block proponents really want to buy coffee with BCH in the future?

Slope: First of all, I think the example of using bitcoin cash to buy coffee is actually very inappropriate. In the future, it will become a very extensive payment currency and be used in a very large number of fields.
We now have no global currency in the world. The dollar is close to the global common currency. However, the U.S. dollar has its own problems. It is the credit currency of a statutory country. Subject to the Fed's policy, it is subject to the bank settlement system. In fact, it The speed and cost comparable to the current Bitcoin, international remittances may take a few days to arrive. And BitcoinCash is perfect as an international settlement currency.

Back to the issue of buying coffee with BitcoinCash, people have their own choices, and they choose the most convenient payment method for a given scenario. Why do you choose to buy coffee with BitcoinCash in the case of WeChat payment? However, WeChat payment has its limitations. More than half of the world's people do not have a bank card, no credit card, no smart phone and no access to traditional financial services. And BitcoinCash lies in that it truly becomes an Internet-based universal World currency.

8btc: Is there a bubble in the current cryptocurrency market?

Sea slope: This year the market is completely different from the market in 2014. Many people will say whether there will be a big bear market like this for 14 years. My view is that the stage is different. Encrypted digital currency has entered a new era of development this year. He has really entered the mainstream view, including the concern of traditional funds and the mainstream people. 14 years may still speculation concept, but the real endurance is to rely on.
From the application point of view, there are now more and more scenes, such as smart contracts, cross-border payments. As investors, more and more investors in traditional capital markets are pouring into the market, and some exchanges may register 100,000 new users a day. The environmentBitcoinCash, a product of the bitcoin line-of-sight expansion, was four months after its birth and despite significant controversy, much has been achieved at the de facto level.

Community Support, the Bitcoin Cash Foundation (THE BITCOIN CASH FUND) was recently established. As a not-for-profit organization, its mission is to promote the development and use of BCH by allocating funds donated to projects that promote the development of bitcoin cash (BCH). The platform's goal is to get Bitcoin cash (BCH) to serve billions of users within five years.