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Developers of Zcash have submitted a road map for 2018

The development team of Zcash has published a roadmap for upgrades, the implementation of which is planned for 2018. In particular, the approximate release date of the Sapling protocol is indicated , which will draw a line under the current implementation of the Sprout protocol, after which the project will move to a new stage of development.

Record this on behalf of co-founder Zcash Zuko Wilcoxai CTO Nathan Wilcox is posted in the project blog.

In addition, the developers reported on another, previously unannounced update called Overwinter - its release is scheduled for June 2018. The main task of Overwinter will make further updates more secure for users, even if the network is in conflict with the management system.

Additional details Overwinter developers Zcash promise to promulgate in the near future.

As for the key update of the Sapling network , it is scheduled for September next year.

"With the activation of Sapling, the characteristics of the time and memory of protected transactions will be significantly improved. This, in turn, will make it possible to implement the support of a mobile wallet, "the developers of Zcash write .
Sapling will support the configuration of the Powers of Tau parameters, which should significantly reduce the likelihood of problems and risks when installing applications using zkSNARK technology.

One of the main tasks of zk-SNARK is to provide complete encryption of transactions in the block system and protect related metadata. In other words, zk-SNARK can also be called a kind of mechanism by which you can prove the possession of information without disclosing the fact itself and without any interaction between the parties. Earlier it was reported that the developers also plan to use the technology Ethereum.

Also in the message of developers it is said that in the near future in the network of Zcash can be implemented and other updates, including the finalization of the system of smart contracts and consensus mechanisms.

"Among the possible updates include scalability improvements that will allow an unlimited number of transactions, new consensus algorithms such as Proof-of-Stake, as well as private and scalable smart contracts."
Recall that on October 28, one year has passed since the launch of the Zcash network .

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