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Developers of Mimblewimble will raise funds for the development of Grin network

Developers of the Mimblewimble protocol to solve the problem of scaling and privacy of the blockers announced the launch of a fundraising campaign in the form of donations for the development of Grin software, which underlies the network with the same name. This is reported by CoinDesk .

The project team intends to launch the second test network this spring, introducing a technology of confidentiality, as well as aggregated signatures.

In the long term, developers expect to implement the protocol in the bitcoin network in the form of a sidechain. At the same time, they will also create their own block and crypto currency, despite the refusal to hold an ICO.

According to the statement, $ 30,000 in bitcoin-equivalent will be used to pay for the daily work of the most active developer, Michael Cordner, also known as Yeastplume.

BlockCypher has already announced its readiness to donate funds.

Recall, previously the developers of the protocol Mimblewimble launched a test network.