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D-app project based on QTUM Energo officially joins Philippine PE² organization to voice the liberalization of electricity trading

Beijing time December 4, 2017, Energo, the first clean energy distributed application for Qtum Quantum Chain, officially joined the Philippine Energy Efficiency Alliance. As a non-profit self-governing body, PE² is dedicated to accelerate the deployment of energy efficiency (EE), energy saving (EC) and renewable energy (RE) technologies in different energy terminals and other markets and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the Philippine energy market.

In addition, the PE² organization has a relatively high say in the legislation of the Department of Energy in the Philippines. Internationally renowned companies PHILIPS, Engie and Meralco Energy Inc, as members of the PE² organization, also provide global reference cases and lessons learned for their legislation.

It also means that Energo, as a member of PE², will work to liberalize electricity trading in the Philippines, generate a clean voice for the economy, accelerate the acceleration of bills, and allow innovation in the energy market in the Philippines to be law-abided .
The Energo joins the Philippine PE² organization, which is also a high degree of recognition for the Qtum quantum chain. We will also speed up the creation of a decentralized smart contract platform for commercial use, and promote the blockchain technology to be recognized by the mainstream society. More and more Users experience the change that blockchain technology brings to life.