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Craigslist added the possibility of calculations in bitcoins

The popular platform of private ads Craigslist made a small, but extremely important upgrade, giving its users the ability to accept payments in bitcoins.

Until now, the authors of ads could indicate the possibility of accepting crypto currency exclusively in the text of the ads themselves, but now Craigslist has added a special field to the message form, in which you can specify bitcoin as one of the options.

In addition to the search for Craigslist, a special filter has been added, allowing users to find the goods and services offered for bitcoin.

Craigslist has been operating since 1995 and is one of the most popular private ad sites not only in the US (more than 80 million ads and more than 50 billion page views per month), but all over the world. One of the features of the platform is the geographical search and targeting of ads.

According to Alexa's analytical resource, Craigslist ranks 106th in popularity in the world and 16th in the US. On average, every fifth citizen of the US uses the portal services at least once a month.

Adding the possibility of calculations in bitcoins will help a significant number of users who, perhaps, have not yet heard about the crypto currency, take the first steps towards acquiring this ecosystem.