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Coinbase Announces Full Support for Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Beijing, Dec. 20 (Reuters) - Digital bank Coinbase officially announced its support for Bitcoin Cash (BCH), which its subscribers will be able to buy, sell, send and receive Bitcoin cash (BCH) through the Coinbase platform. As a result of this news, Bunch of cash (BCH) soared 60%.

The original announcement translated as follows:

We are pleased to announce that our customers will be able to buy, sell, send and receive bitcoins cash (BCH) through the Coinbase platform.You can read more about bitcoin cash (BCH) on our FAQ page.The send and receive functions are currently available and you can use them immediately. Buy and sell features will need to wait for the GDAX to have enough liquidity. We expect this to take a few hours.
Our clients will benefit from fork currency
Coinbase operates under the principle of maximizing customers' benefits from bifurcation or other network incidents. It is our mission to make Coinbase the most trusted, secure and easy-to-use digital currency exchange.
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Born 1 August 2017, at the moment of bifurcation, all clients with a bitcoin balance in Coinbase will receive the same amount of bitcoin cash (BCH).
Over the past few months, we've been monitoring the Bitcoin cash network and have now decided to give it full support, including buying, selling, sending, and accepting features. The factors we consider include developer, community support, security, stability, market prices, and trading volume. You can find out more about bitcoin cash here.
Our platform will use bitcoin cash as an identifier with BCH, and customers will be able to buy bitcoins in cash using all of our legal currency, including USD, EURO, GBP, AUD, SGD.
Coinbase maintains strict trading policies and internal guidelines for its employees, and Coinbase employees have been barred from trading bitcoins in cash for weeks.