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Cloud-like blockchain as the Ministry of Science and Technology

Cloud-like blockchain as the Ministry of Science and Technology, "" Thirteen Five "modern service industry science and technology innovation plan" blockchain infrastructure contractor

In order to implement the Outline of National Medium and Long-term Science and Technology Development Plan (2006-2020), Outline of National Innovation-Driven Development Strategy, Guidance Opinion of State Council on Actively Promoting Internet + Action, State Council's Opinion on Accelerating Scientific and Technological Services Several Opinions on Industry Development and Outline of National Cultural, Scientific and Technological Innovation Project, etc., so as to increase the contribution of science and technology to the added value of modern service industry, accelerate the innovation and development of modern service industry, clarify the modern service in the "13th Five-Year Plan" period Industry science and technology innovation objectives, tasks and direction of the Ministry of Science and the organization of the preparation of "13th Five-Year" modern service science and technology innovation special plan. "

Key Research and Development Demonstration and Application Demonstration of Common Key Technologies in Modern Service Industry Focus on Research, Development and Demonstration of Support Platform for Technology and Service Industry, Research and Development of Demonstration of Support Platform for Science and Technology Service Industry, Supportive Platform for Emerging Service Industry According to Modern Service Science Theory, Service-Oriented Core Technology, And demonstration and other five directions to deploy implementation.

In the project of "R & D and Application Demonstration of Individualized Service Platform for Digital Education Crowdfunding Creation" led by Professor Yang Zongkai, then president of Huazhong Normal University, Yunxiang Block Chain and Zhejiang University jointly undertake the project "Personalization Based on Blockchain Research on Educational Services Trading and Regulatory Technology "is the only blockchain technology company involved in the project of" Research, Development and Application of Individualized Service Platform for Digital Education Crowdfunding ". It will be responsible for the construction of blockchain infrastructure.
With the objective of building a leading global blockchain technology service provider, Yunxiang blockchain can participate in major projects of the "13th Five-year Plan" of the country and dedicate wisdom and energy to the emerging service industry, technology service industry and culture, science and technology service industry. Cloud-like blockchain in the "production, learning and research" mode of practice opportunities to achieve the country serve the country, Xing Industrial Dream start. Cloud Elephant block chain will continue to maintain a diligent and pragmatic work style, contribute to the development and application of blockchain technology.