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China Blockchain Technology and Industry Development Forum released the "distributed application of books" white paper

Recently, China's blockchain technology and industry development forum led by China Institute of Electronics and Technology Standardization released the white paper "Distributed Application Book".
The white paper describes the status quo and technical features of the blockchain industry, the existing foundation of the CBD-Forum and the need to establish an open source community. It also presents the vision of DAppLedger to promote the national and global blockchain development and to develop open blocks Chain standards to achieve a modular blockchain system, support for interoperability and portability, promote the development of blockchain core technology and support for business innovation around the blockchain and service manufacturing industry and the Internet integration development. The white paper also lists the architecture and governance models used by DAppLedger, and gives an implementation path for blockchain applications.

At present, the development of blockchain technology faces the problems of lack of unified standards, complicated technical system, single development mode and insufficient application integration capacity, and urgently needs to build an open source community that is oriented to specific industries and faces application scenarios and has a component development platform. Specific scenarios and industry solutions, the establishment of application integration, interactive software framework. And on this basis to promote the entire industry-wide application of outstanding solutions to other areas of proliferation and promotion.

To this end, China National Institute of Standardization has set up the China Blockchain Technology and Industrial Development Forum (CBD-Forum) by key enterprises within the United Nations to carry out research on blockchain technology and application development. On this basis, the Group published the results of the "China Blockchain Technology and Application Development White Paper (2016)" and the "Blockchain Reference Architecture" community standards.

According to reports, CBD-Forum initiated the establishment of an open community, the community Chinese name is "distributed application account", the English name is "Distributed Application Ledger", abbreviated as "DAppLedger." The future community will be based on the underlying platform developed by members independently and gradually establish a multi-platform operation mode to explore the optimal architecture in application integration.

The published "Distributed Application Book" white paper refers to the international community open source community operating mode and experience, describes the DAppLedger follow the multi-dimensional community governance model and scientific concept of governance. In addition, based on the application of blockchain, the process of blockchain application is divided into phases of application requirements formation, functional component analysis, key technical analysis, application design, application implementation and application operation. Finally, we introduce three projects under DAppLedger: BCOS, AnnChain, Ontology Zero. In the future, CBD-Forum will accelerate the construction of communities and incubation of key projects.

"Distributed Application Book" white paper download the full text: