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Can not afford to buy coins how to do? The couple ran out of savings to build a mine in the backyard

This week Dan Ingram of Canada got the news and talked about his recent construction of bitcoin mining equipment in his backyard. Standing in front of a few bit mainland S9 mines, Dan said he did not make quick money. He told reporters that if he wanted to make quick money, he would "buy bitcoins directly and sit down and start praying."

Ingram is not crazy? His wife, Amanda, denied it. She said "most of his decisions prove profitable and may sound crazy, but I believe him."

Although we do not know how much of his $ 100,000 (RMB515,000) is spent, we can imagine a simple scenario of what Ingram might or might not be able to get from his investment.

The cost of the current purchase of S9 is ... unknown. Demand from miners has been high, with almost no inventory in the bit continent, and bookings for months in advance are also normal. It is reported that, with transportation and taxes, each mine machine costs Ingram 1500 US dollars to 1600 US dollars. Assuming that each miner costs about $ 1,700, he now owns 11 S9s and costs $ 18,700 for Ingram. However, there are many miners just arrived.

In order to facilitate the calculation, assuming that Ingram has 25 mines, then he would need to use 312,500 TH / S for $ 42,500.

Ingram is able to get a higher return on electricity at $ 0.1 / KwH. In fact, after three months of operation, his investment will be rewarded. Not only that, his annual income can reach 270,000 US dollars (according to the current difficulty and currency prices). He plans to earn 1 BTC every 20 days or about 20 BTCs per year.

However, there are many factors that can affect earnings, such as mine machine downtime maintenance, increased network difficulty, or tariff adjustments. However, from the current situation, Ingram expects the risk it can bear in exchange for a substantial income for him. If bitcoin's prices continue to rise, this is very likely to be achieved.

Many industry experts think that bitcoin prices may reach or even exceed $ 1 million over the next decade. Only time will tell if Ingram's investment is wise.