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Bulgarian authorities have bitcoins worth more than $ 3 billion

In May, Bulgarian law enforcement agencies stopped the activities of an organized criminal group and confiscated more than 200,000 bitcoins from it. According to the current market rate of bitcoin, this amount already exceeds $ 3 billion, writes ZeroHedge .

According to a press release of the Center for Law and Order of South-Eastern Europe (SELEC), during the operation 23 citizens of Bulgaria were detained, from whom 213 519 bitcoins were seized by law enforcers.

"Offenders have chosen bitcoin as a way of investing / storing money, as it is difficult to track," the document says.
According to law enforcers, the attackers developed a virus that was used to hack computers at Bulgarian customs, allowing criminals to avoid paying duties when importing goods into the country. The virus itself was downloaded to the PC by bribed officials.

The press release also says that offenders managed to "save" 10 million Bulgarian leva (about $ 6 million). It is not yet known exactly how the authorities of this small European country will proceed with confiscated "digital gold".

However, if you sell the confiscated bitcoins at the current market rate, then the proceeds of $ 3.1 billion would be enough to cover about a quarter of the country's public debt . At the same time, Bulgaria's GDP is only $ 52.4 billion.

Some users of social networks are afraid that the Bulgarian authorities can easily bring down the rate of the first crypto currency.

At the time of seizure of bitcoins, the rate of the first crypto currency was about $ 2,350, and its total value was estimated at $ 500 million.

Representatives of the Bulgarian authorities have not yet commented on the situation, citing the ongoing investigation.

Recall, the total amount of "bitcoins Silk Road" confiscated by the US government has been considered to be a record (144,000 BTC). Part of the illegal trading floor, seized at the end of 2013, was sold to the notorious investor Tim Draper .