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Blockchain policies and trends 丨 Huangpu District, Guangzhou City released the "Blockchain 10"

On December 22, 2017, under the guidance of the Guangzhou Development Zone Administrative Committee of the Guangzhou Municipal Huangpu District People's Government, Information and Software Services Division of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the China Blockchain hosted by China Electronics Standardization Institute Technology and Industry Development Forum, "Guangzhou Huangpu District Guangzhou Development Zone to promote the development of blockchain industry," released, Guangzhou Development Zone, Li Yao, director of policy research on this area policy interpretation, the other blockchain industry in Guangzhou City The association also released the "2017-2018 Guangzhou blockchain" white paper.

According to Babbitt, "Guangzhou City, Huangpu District, Guangzhou Development Zone to promote blockchain industry development approach" was originally scheduled for the end of October 2017 release, Huangpu District People's Government on December 8 issued the document.

"Guangzhou Huangpu District Guangzhou Development Zone to promote blockchain industry development approach" a total of 10, from the scope, nurturing, growth, platform, application, technology, finance, activities and other aspects of the focus of blockchain businesses or institutions Policy support.

This is May this year, Guiyang High-tech Zone, the external release of "Guiyang National Hi-tech Zone to promote technology innovation and application of block 10 list of policy measures (implementation)", in July Qingdao Municipal People's Government issued "Qingdao City North District People's Government on Accelerated Area Opinions on the development of the block chain industry "followed by another local government issued a special policy for the development of the block chain industry. As the blockchain has been upgraded to the national strategic level, the technology of blockchain has ushered in the vigorous development in our country. All the governments in our country are stepping up efforts to formulate policies to help the industry to help the poor. In reference to Babbitt's article, " In 2017, Policy development of blockchain document combing . "

Attached: "Guangzhou Huangpu District Guangzhou Development Zone to promote blockchain industry development approach"

Article 1 In  order to vigorously promote the technological innovation of the blockchain and promote the application of the blockchain scenario, the Group will also nurture a blockchain industrial cluster. According to the "13th Five-Year Plan of National Informatization" (Guo Fa [2016] No. 73) issued by the State Council, The Guidelines on Promoting the Further Release and Release of Domestic Demand for Information Consumption by Expanding and Upgrading Information Consumption (Guo Fa [2017] No. 40) and the actual conditions in our region.

Article 2 This Law applies to the place of industrial and commercial registration, the relationship between tax collection and administration as well as the statistical relationship within the scope of Huangpu District, Guangzhou Development Zone, Guangzhou Municipality and its entrusted management and under the jurisdiction of the park (hereinafter referred to as the zone) Financial system, with independent legal personality, and promised 10 years without leaving the registration and office address, does not change the tax liability in the area, does not reduce the registered capital of blockchain businesses or institutions. If the supported enterprise or organization violates the promise, it will recover the subsidy already paid.

Article 3【Cultivation Award】 Cultivation incentives shall be given within 3 years from the date of registration of 10% of the registered capital of the newly established blockchain enterprise or institution that has paid up the registered capital of 2 million yuan or more Enterprises or institutions accumulate a maximum reward of 1 million yuan, and one-time grant 300,000 yuan of technical personnel to introduce subsidies.

For those industrial associations settled in the identified area of ​​blockchain in the district and registered at the national, provincial and municipal government intelligence departments according to the law, subsidies for the activities of 1 million yuan, 600,000 yuan and 400,000 yuan each year shall be given respectively.

If the above-mentioned enterprises or institutions settle in the block chain innovation base, block chain building, block chain industrial park, office building and rent for own use identified in this area, each enterprise will give 1,000 square meters M and up to 60 million rent subsidies, and one-time grant 20% renovation costs subsidies, the most subsidies 1000000 yuan.

Article IV [Growth Award] If the annual revenue of a recognized blockchain enterprise or institution reaches more than 2 million yuan and an increase of 100% over the same period of the previous year, an annual allowance of 500,000 yuan shall be given to the introduction of skilled personnel.

For the first time that the annual business income of the blockchain enterprises and institutions has reached 5 million yuan, 20 million yuan and 100 million yuan or more for the first time, they will be rewarded with 500,000 yuan, 1,000,000 yuan and 5,000,000 yuan respectively. The highest reward 5000000 yuan.

For enterprises and institutions that have obtained the state-of-the-art technology enterprises to nurture and warehousing, and have been identified as blockchain enterprises, they shall be given a reward of 100,000 yuan and 300,000 yuan (excluding subsidies of the higher level) respectively.

In the domestic and foreign capital markets, the new board listed blockchain companies or institutions were given 5 million yuan, up to 2 million yuan reward (excluding higher subsidies).

Article 5【Platform Award】 A reward of 1 million yuan will be given to those public platforms such as the block chain trading center, testing center, data center and storage center determined at the provincial level or above.

To obtain innovation platform of Key Laboratory of Blockchain Technology, Engineering (Technology) Research Center, Enterprise Technology Center and New R & D Institute which are recognized by the state, provincial and municipal levels, they will be awarded 5 million yuan, 3 million yuan and 1 million yuan respectively Yuan reward.
To get the blockchain (incubator) of blockchain authorized by the state, provincial and municipal levels, reward 1000000 yuan, 500000 yuan and 250000 yuan respectively, and introduce more than 5 recognized blockchain enterprises Or agency, Ann every time I introduce a 5 yuan to reward me, the highest award of 1 million yuan per year.

We will promote the construction of the digital economy demonstration zone in the blockchain and grant a 3-year operating subsidy to the operation and management institutions for the identified blockchain innovation base, blockchain building and blockchain industrial park with a maximum annual subsidy of 1 million yuan.

Article 6 [Application Reward] Encourage application-oriented guidance to speed up the application and demonstration of blockchain plus application scenarios in this area. To increase financial input is to abandon the application plan for special projects and support 10 blocks annually Chain application scenario construction, each application scenario demonstration project up to 3000000 yuan.

Article 7【Technical Reward】 The enterprises or institutions that participate in the preparation of the top 3 international and national blockchain technology and application standards (norms) for the local blockchain shall be given a one-time payment of one million yuan, 500,000 yuan, 300,000 yuan, 100,000 yuan reward each year enterprises or institutions of the country, industry, local standards (norms) the highest reward 1000000 yuan.

To provide support for blockchain projects and incentives granted by state, provincial and municipal projects, provide financial support in accordance with 100%, 70% and 50% of the independent or incentive amount respectively, up to a maximum of 5 million yuan, 300 dinner and 100 Million.

Article 8 [Financial Support] All bank loans granted to blockchain enterprises through commercial banks or financing guarantees shall be granted a full subsidy of interest on loans and guarantee fees. Each year, the maximum subsidy for each enterprise is 500,000 yuan and the subsidy period is 3 years .

For the first time to obtain venture capital institutions in the seed period, the start-up of the blockchain companies, security actually received 10% of the investment amount of subsidies, each enterprise received a maximum reward 1 million yuan.

Article 9 [Subsidies for Activities] A maximum of one million yuan subsidy shall be granted for the filing of an undertaking of holding the highest-level exchange conferences such as seminars and forums at the international and national levels.

Article 10 If  the same item complying with the provisions of these Procedures and the same matter simultaneously meet the requirements of other supportive policies and regulations in the district (including the policies and regulations stipulated by the superior departments that require supporting or borne funds in the districts), they shall be supported according to the principle of high non-repetition and the other Except as provided, the tax-related expenses for rewards shall be borne by the enterprise or individual. The Measures shall come into force on the date of promulgation and shall be valid for three years. Upon expiry of the term of validity or changes in relevant laws and policies, these Measures shall be assessed and revised in the light of the actual conditions.