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Blockchain 2018 target? Human rights is greater than economic growth!

2017 is an exciting year for the blockchain.

Although the world today is full of strife and polarization, there are still people who are struggling to establish a better future. There, people are given the right to organize themselves, and institutions support society by serving their clients.

For this reason, the end of the year is a good time to review the progress towards these goals. The blockchain has created a world in which everyone can fulfill his needs and voices; one in which we can make global cooperation that is meaningful to ourselves and benefit from our own open, rich experience.

By shifting data ownership and control, once passive consumers as a whole can become active participants in society. With tools to audit the supply chain, such as labor safety, fair trade, organic production, and other verifiable values, ad num- ber is being replaced with evidence to replace auditing with verifiability.

Participating in the blockchain today feels like part of a larger, more grandiose and more socially valuable part. This is why the gathering of blockchain chains is flooding and the meeting is sold out, for many people the difference between personal and professional interests is vague.

Not only out of ambition, the following goals should remind us that we must achieve this right.

In 2017, we see:

  1. The rise of new tokens and funds
  2. The largest increase in pool of all participants so far seen
  3. Valuation bubble

In 2018, we need:

  1. Develop new players in the blockchain ecosystem
  2. Consciously working in a pluralistic and representative culture
  3. To understand the opportunity as human rights

Attract money and people

In 2017, the blockchain has entered the public's consciousness through bifurcation, chain cats, and issue of token, or first-time currency issue. Driven by massive investment opportunities and media attention, traditional businesses and consumers are beginning to have a positive interest in cryptocurrencies and the subsequent blockchain technology.

However, we should keep in mind that participants in this expansion camp are primarily financially attractive and attracted by new tokens that have given positive expectations to buyers.

For those who are already involved, confidence in the future of the blockchain is validated and driven by the sheer volume of financing that crowdsourced.

So far, about $ 3.6 billion has been raised through the tokens on Ethereum's blockchain, a figure that shows that token issuance is a killer app for this platform.

It brings the feeling of a modern gold rush, and at the same time, there is an infinite expansion possible.

In the era in which the blockchain was now located, this direct, non-mediated value transfer and automation, as compared to the information age of the Internet boom years ago, was exactly what the Internet age of 1998 was. As was then, behind the bubble, the Encrypted World also invited mainstream society to join.

Lay the foundation

Consumers spoiled by Apple, losing their enthusiasm and patience with adapting developer terminology and inability to use workflow, are spawning new product needs.

To make new clients easier to use, the emphasis is on simplifying the complexity of blockchain-based applications with a good user experience, sleek design, and a consumer-friendly language. Everyone loves cats, such a tradable, reproductive value representative.

Their use of ether as a denomination has paralyzed the network once and became the most motivating factor in the measurement of transaction throughput and liquidity.

In 2017, too, there is a concern that makes the blockchain workplace more attractive.

How can we create an open and inclusive society better than different creators? A well-known research by the U.S. Public Broadcasting Corporation shows that diversity helps to create better products and systems.

Wise companies have long made efforts to establish diversity (race, culture, age, direction ...) while women's blockchain makers and social impact projects have sprung up globally, expanding the block Female Narration in Chain Story.

What is the next step? 2018 What are the opportunities

With all this, what is going to happen now?

In 2018, we must:

  1. Reshaping the gains that have been made to create equity - the signal of the market's demand for bubbles is mainly manifested in the expectation of monetary returns. Let us embrace them, it should be a chance of growth. But if we stop there, we are likely to continue to concentrate wealth, repeat the traditional power structure, and miss out on the real opportunities.
  2. To educate latecomers on the value proposition of public blockchain - to redefine "interests" from both financial and social values.
  3. Building a secure environment that supports innovation - inevitably, some bubbles will burst, some milestones will be missed, some projects will disappear, investors will be beset and the voice of reform will come out. But if we are still reformed on the basis of old structures and examples, then we are stifling innovation.
  4. Take on the responsibility of self-regulation - this includes expanding the reach of "Brooklyn projects" such as Consensys, whose mission is to provide market participants and regulators with powerful tools to protect consumers and strengthen the network based on tokens The integrity of
  5. Consciously build diversity and inclusiveness in the creative space - we are in the early stages of the blockchain era and we are exploring this technology. Focus is one reason why space is new while white men dominate. Even with the best intentions and demonstrated wisdom, this does not create an enticing environment for different people, but requires the establishment of a sound, global product.
  6. Different communities are involved in creating all blockchain products - the role of education aggregates different intelligences and ensures that solutions work for everyone.
  7. Human rights are given to the core commitment of the blockchain - we have experienced systemic failures in the process of social globalization, the population is left behind in poverty, lack of education and basic services, lack of voice, lack of action and freedom, and businesses Have been expanded and protected, often benefiting from the misfortune of the poor.
  8. Advancing and protecting the right to freely exchange values ​​between any two parties - Free exchange is essential to the future world. It is equivalent to freedom of expression in digital space. This is an issue of equality that must be protected and treated as a human right.
For many, the initial attraction of the blockchain and crypto-world may be due to economic benefits.

But for a more just future, we must expand the definition of profits, including monetary and social benefits, and understand that the blockchain itself is a technological solution that promotes social innovation.

A diversified innovation camp and innovative and friendly rules are crucial to establishing a mechanism for equality and human rights.

It is our responsibility and opportunity to realize this right by 2018.