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Bitcoin cash thriving, trying to usurpate replace bitcoin?

Earlier in the morning, BCH was independent of other underperforming peers. Earlier this morning, OKEx reached a high of 3575.5 U.S. dollars at 9 am and reached an all-time high of 60% with a market capitalization of 56.3 billion. After reaching a high of 29.52, the rapid drop after reaching a high of the morning stabilized after reaching near 2902 with the possibility of further rise. The year 2017 is almost over, and the network and community of bitcoin cash has been growing rapidly. Recognition from merchants, support for cryptocurrency consolidation, and other BCH-positive events all indicate that bitcoin cash will have a healthier, more dynamic infrastructure by 2018.

BCH Bitcoin as the bifurcation of Bitcoin, on July 21, 2017, the bitcoin bifurcation program BIP91 has gained full network computing support, agreed to carry out the isolation of witness upgrade, and in the next 6 months to the underlying block The block size of the chain is upgraded to 2M. However, "spoiler" appeared - ViaBTC, the mining giant's Bitcoin pool, prepared a hard-forked system that introduced "bitcoin cash" based on Bitcoin's original chain. Bitcoin cash landing on coinbase means bitcoin cash is more recognized, Bitcoin cash has gone through several rounds this year, as of press time OKEx bitcoin cash price is located at $ 3112.07.

OKEx analyst interpretation of several major BCH rising good

1: BitPay, the world's largest bitcoin payment service, announced its support for BCH

BitPay announced plans to gradually support the payment of multiple blockchain digital currencies, starting with bitcoin cash (BCH). Bitcoins Cash is a bitcoin that bifurcated in August of this year. Compared to BTC, it has higher block capacity and lower cost, and the block capacity of bitcoin cash generated after fork is upgraded to 8MB.

2: Blockchain, the largest provider of online wallet service in the world, fully supports BCH

Blockchain, one of the world's largest online wallet service providers and one of the most popular digital wallet providers, has said it will fully support BCH. Currently, BCH features are already available on their network wallets. According to a company blog post, mobile support will start in the first quarter of 2018. The post states: "With BCH joining our existing portfolio of digital currencies, users now have a full range of options." The 
new feature will allow users to move between virtual currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum Switch and trade. In addition, the wallet can act as a central portal allowing users to track prices as well as send and receive funds. For the majority of users, there is still no service to buy and sell their currency using the legal tender. Like bitcoin and Ethereum, bitcoin cash (BCH) will have a private key, allowing full access to the token.

3: Coinbase, the largest exchange in the United States, supports BCH

As a result of this news, digital money company Coinbase officially announced its support for Bitcoin Cash (BCH), whose users will be able to buy, sell, send and receive bitcoin cash (BCH) through the Coinbase platform. %.