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Behind the crazy recommendation of competitive currency, John McAfee claims that his Twitter account is black

Earlier, the personal Twitter of John McAfee, a cyber-security company, frequently promoted some little-known cryptocurrencies, many of whom bought their recommended cryptocurrency after seeing it.

However, just this morning, the cyber security pioneer disclosed to the BBC that his Twitter account has been hacked. He said:

"I can not control Twitter's security."

But he also said that his cell phone may have been invaded.

Twitter declined to comment, but stressed its guidelines for security advice.

It is reported that the social network provides a two-factor authentication mechanism to avoid similar incidents, however, McCaffeo told reporters that he has activated the option, but he believes that hackers have access to his verification code.

McCaffeo said: "The first sign of my hacking was when I opened my cellphone, the image below would appear."

Mr. McCarthy shared a screenshot of his smartphone and said that both his phone and the text were being hijacked by hackers.

"I knew then that my phone was broken and I was on board and could not go to my carrier, AT & T, to solve the problem.""Hackers hacked into my Twitter account may be worse."

Mr. McCarthy created McAfee VirusScan, the first commercial antivirus software company in the 1980s, and led a multi-billion-dollar industry.

Although later he sold the company to Intel, he is still developing his own network security product.

Most recently, he was seen by some as a cryptocurrency master.

Earlier this month, Mr. McCafe began publishing daily investment advice on virtual currencies, and the cryptocurrencies he selected after the recommendations were released erupted.
On Tuesday, Mr. McCarthy announced that he would slow down the proposal to once a week and the next one is expected to be announced on January 1 next year.

However, the next day, his Twitter account began to expedite the release of investment advice.

The news was later removed, and Mr. McCarthy explained that he had been hacked and added that he was not clear how this was done.

Some of his hundreds of thousands of fans speculate that hackers' purpose may be to profit by using McCafe's account to push up the cryptocurrencies they issue.

What do you think?