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Beginning with US bit coin futures trading

The CME group, which operates the futures exchange in the US, announced that it will begin trading futures of the virtual currency bit coin on the Internet on the 18th of this month, and dealings of virtual currency will become active in the US and the market can expand Sex has come out.
The CME group, which runs a futures exchange in Chicago, announced it will list its bit coin futures on January 1, and will begin trading on 18th this month. 

The CME group is one of the world's leading exchanges dealing in a wide range of futures. With this listing, investors can buy and sell bit coin futures in the same way as crude oil, gold, foreign exchange and so on. 

Bit coins are priced up by more than 10 times since the price started to fluctuate due to the influence of division over system change of trading and speculative buying orders which are expected to raise prices. 

For this reason, institutional investors who manage customer assets were cautious about investing in bit coins, but trading in major US exchanges into bit coin futures will make dealings more active in the future There is a possibility that the market may expand. 

In the United States, the Chicago · Options Exchange also announces that it will begin trading bit coin futures closer.