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BCH price exceeded 2000 dollars: bitcoin status or threatened!

At 6:00 on the 14th, BCH (bitcoin cash) price breakdown of 2000 US dollars, a record high.

Now all the cryptocurrencies are soaring, and many people make money without even moving their fingers. Of course, this is one of the most popular reasons for cryptocurrencies, because it is almost passive income. For example, BCH prices have gone up a lot in the past week. It now appears that maintaining the level of 2000 US dollars is still quite difficult, but the situation may improve in the coming days or weeks.

Since the launch of BCH, we believe this alternative currency will continue to amaze more people in the future. Things are starting to get interesting, especially now that bitcoin is facing some problems. When it comes to faster deals, cheaper fees and global peer-to-peer currency, BCH is slowly becoming the best alternative for bitcoin.

The current BCH prices fully reflect the bullish sentiment of investors. BCH owners are greatly encouraged by the 21.2% increase in revenue over the past 24 hours. Nevertheless, we still see the price of BCH going beyond US $ 2000 permanently, but it is undeniable that its motivation is still very strong. In addition, BCH BTC increased 23.71% over the same period, at this stage, this increase is quite impressive.

Although BCH's price of more than $ 2000 does not last long, it is likely to break again in the next few hours and days. When the spot price of BCH exceeded $ 2,075, the price dropped rapidly to $ 1,802. Profit taking will eventually create a downtrend and a new buying opportunity, with high and low buyrs having made some decent profits and possibly more revenue.

With 24-hour trading volume approaching 2.5 billion U.S. dollars, the demand for Bitcoin is now very strong. It is clear that people treat this alternative currency more seriously than in previous weeks. Although this alternative currency will not necessarily outperform bitcoin in the near future, no one can deny that this alternative currency is gradually gaining ground on the entire cryptocurrency world. Step back, BCH at least not disappear soon, this is at least a good thing.

Most BCH deals come from Bithumb, which is now the driving force for most cryptocurrencies. The volume is far ahead of Bitfinex and, surprisingly, it squeezed BTC to the third place on the trading volume chart. Of the top three, two have been benchmarked against legal tender. As we spoke, a large amount of new money flowed into the cryptocurrency, and although the situation is not yet clear, we would like to see this trend continuing.

BCH future prices are difficult to predict, more specifically, in the near future, we may see BCH prices soared again, may also be stalled. The overall picture of course is pretty good for all major cryptocurrencies, although some alternative currencies are also affected by price repression. It would be interesting to think about what will happen in the future, as this is by no means the last price increase for BCH or any other alternative currency.