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Babbitt than the original chain Quest Silicon Valley: detonated the strongest dialogue in the blockchain industry

On January 26, 2018, Silicon Valley Spy, a Chinese-language technology media company, will host the Blockchain Connect Global Blockchain Conference (San Francisco Station) in San Francisco, attracting over 1,000 blockchain practitioners from China, Japan, Singapore and Silicon Valley Well-known blockchain entrepreneurs and investors will discuss technology innovation and market dynamics and direction of the blockchain. As a strategic partner of the General Assembly, Babbitt joined hands with the outstanding domestic blockchain project representatives to explore the first summit of the blockchain between China and the United States in Silicon Valley.

"Digital assets will become the largest asset of mankind"

This is the speech recently made by Sun Zhengyi, chairman and president of Softbank Software Group, in "challenging the world." He believes that with the advancement of science and technology, everything in human beings will be digitized, kept in the cloud, the working methods will instantly connect with anything, and the production efficiency will be greatly enhanced. Digital assets will become the biggest assets of mankind.

The most viable way to achieve this vision is to use the hottest blockchain technology available today. In 2017, as China's blockchain technology has entered a period of rapid development, more and more Chinese faces appear at the forefront of the development of the world's blockchain and China's forces are also beginning to challenge the top of the world. At present, there are quite a few people in the top 30 blockchain projects in the world, and the number of blockchain start-ups in China is second only to the United States. For a time, the mystical Chinese forces aroused the concern of Americans: who are promoting the innovation in the blockchain in China? In the face of competition from all walks of life, what are the advantages of blockchain startups in China?

It was on this historic occasion that the Blockchain Connect Global Blockchain Assembly (San Francisco Station) came into being. This will be the first strong dialogue between China and the United States in the global blockchain world - China's blockchain practitioners will sound on the world stage and the United States will truly understand the rapidly growing Chinese forces. The collision of viewpoints from the world's top experts at the conference will also be the benchmark for the development trend of the global blockchain in 2018.

Hosted by Silicon Valley Spies and co-sponsored by Draper Dragon, DHVC, Consensus Systems, Bodhi and BeeChat, this summit is by far the strongest line-up of China-US blockchain. At the same time, the conference also invited top technology media including TechCrunch, VentureBeat, Yahoo Finace and Cointelegraph as foreign media partners.

Sino-US blockchain big coffee gathered

It will be a top event that brings together the top blockchain scientists, entrepreneurs, investors, developers and industry stakeholders in China and the United States, an indispensable meeting for the eco-followers of the blockchain in both China and the United States, Practitioners gain an effective way of global business discourse.

Guests included Tim Draper, a Silicon Valley legend who invested in companies like Skype, Tesla and SpaceX; Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple, the world's top 5 digital asset; Joseph Poon, founder of Plasma, founder of Plasma, Consensys Capital Startup Managing Partner Kavita Gupta, IVP Fund Partner & Coinbase Investor Todd Chaffee, Draper Dragon Managing Partner Andy Tang, Pantera Capital Partner Paul Veradittakit, Stanford University Professor and Capital of Danhua Capital Zhang Shousheng, Professor, University of California, Berkeley Dawn Song , More than the original founder of the original segment Duan Xin, founder of quantum chain handsome early, NEO founder Da Hongfei, COG Zhuo Zhuo fire coins, OKEx CEO Li Shuang boiling a number of China and the United States blockchain experts. More top guests are still continuing to invite.

For the first time, China's blockchain forces make their voices heard

Such a luxurious lineup, will bring about a summit how the Sino-US block chain dialogue?

The theme of this summit is "The Evolution of the Blockchain in China and the United States." The keynote speech will focus on the evolution of the blockchain in the United States and China in terms of technology, commerce and investment, and will discuss cutting-edge and cutting-edge topics in the industry including regulatory, hard-fork and IFO , Expansion of blockchain and frontiers of cryptography. Practitioners in the Chinese blockchain will also be able to voice and communicate to the world through this arena.

Summit will be the first ChainTalk link, ChainTalk is a carefully polished, long-term value of blockchain areas of speech. This summit will present 4 major themes of ChainTalk. ChainTalk will invite professional coaches to polish the speakers. Each topic will be delivered by a top expert from China and the United States, passing on the Sino-American perspective and striking a collision of thinking between the two places.

The summit organizers also designed other rich and varied agenda links, including hearth conversations, excellent project displays, and VIP banquet and other free exchange sessions. At the same time there are 30 blockchain company site layout and direct recruitment of Silicon Valley talent, this is also one of the characteristics of the General Assembly.

The conference aims to set up an open and professional exchange and cooperation platform for all participants so that investors, project partners, infrastructure providers and professionals can really connect with each other.

Blockchain "China Tornado" swept the world

China's blockchain development from scratch, from the path to today's proud forest of the world's strong, we come from China's innovative land, and now finally stood at the top of the world, shouted to tell the world we come It's Looking around the world, the blockchain industry is blowing a series of "China's Tornado". China's blockchain project will not lose to any country in terms of technology research and development, market operation, commercial application and industrial strategy. The meeting will bring together China and the United States The latest technology and development status of the blockchain will be displayed to the industry so that investors and investors from around the world can get a closer look at the main trends of the blockchain project in the United States and China so that the blockchain practitioners in China can lead the world trend.

As the most important blockchain media platform in overseas, Babbitt will continue to pay close attention to and report on the event with its deep cooperation with Silicon Valley Spies. At the same time, as a representative of the outstanding blockchain project in China, it will also host Bytom than the original chain global tour Meetup - San Francisco Station in the United States, taking this opportunity to send out to outstanding global blockchain developers and community volunteers Invite, welcome to join the team than the original chain.