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ATM manufacturer Ramasul officially announced that its ATM machine will support the sale of BCH, the global BCH ATM will reach 1,300

Bitcoin bitcoin received more support from the ATM ecosystem when some companies announced the consolidation of digital currencies into their ATM machines. The BCH community received further support from Ramachand, an ATM maker, last week, and Ramasu announced that its future ATM machines will support BCH transactions.

ATM maker Ramasul announced that it will support bitcoin cash

This week, Ramazoo, a well-known bitcoin ATM maker, announced on its official Twitter site that the company's ATM machines are open to Bitcoin cash transactions. Ramasou was founded in 2013 by a pair of brothers named Zucker and Harvey and according to its geographical position, there are already nearly 269 ATMs in Ramazan around the world. Founders believe cryptocurrencies are not readily available to average folks, so they built a prototype Ramazhu, allowing more people to experience bitcoin transactions through ATM machines. Bitcoin holders can now trade BCH through the newly upgraded Ramas ATM.

"Ramas ATM machines now support bitcoin cash," ATM said.

There will be 1300 ATM machines worldwide supporting BCH transactions

Digital assets have gained the support of ATM machines from Bitcoinplug. On November 6 this year, the company announced that it will offer the sale and purchase of BCH functionality at all its 21 ATM machines located in the company's headquarters around Los Angeles. General Bytes, one of the world's largest ATM vendors, followed suit. The Prague-based company, in a statement to its official Tweeter, said:

"We are working hard to increase the functionality of all our ATM machines supporting BCH, but before that we needed to do some more testing."

With the support of Bitcoinplug and General Bytes, plus Lama Sousa, these three vendors offer more opportunities for those who are passionate about doing cryptocurrencies to trade BCHs over ATM machines. As the ATMs of these three vendors have begun to support bitcoin cash, this means that the corresponding ATM machines will have 1,300 ATM machines supporting BCH transactions around the world after the upgrade is complete.