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ARK Investment Founder - Bitcoin is far better than Apple

Catherine Wood, founder and chief executive of ARK Investment Management, a company that focuses on disruptive technologies today, recently commented that Bitcoin is far more than Apple's great idea, and Wood said her fund can not be direct With this cryptocurrency, she bought a stake in Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC) when her bitcoin transaction cost less than $ 250 in 2015.
According to Grayscale, creator of the trust, GBTC is the first publicly traded bitcoin-priced security.

On Thursday, shares in the trust fell 8% to about $ 1981 a share, while bitcoin fell to $ 13878.

GBTC holds about 0.092 bitcoins per share, so its price is about 1/10 of that of bitcoin, and on Thursday the shares of the trust spill nearly 40% over the Bitcoin price.

Wood also said that in the future bitcoin may also be hard-forked, then it can become a real digital payment solution, without any transaction restrictions.

She added:

"Maybe bitcoin is going to have a hard fork, so it can be both a value storage medium and a means of trading."
Wood founded ARK Investment Management Ltd. in 2014. In 2013, she ended her 12-year global chief investment officer strategy at Alliance Bernstein where she managed nearly 5 billion assets and used her outstanding performance to achieve long-term Excellent return on investment. ARK, which owns shares in LinkedIn, Amazon, Facebook and Netflix, is a testimony to Wood's unique vision of which companies are both disruptive Also has the potential for high growth stocks.