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Ant gold show high-profile blockchain results, become the focus of Wuzhen Internet Conference

On the morning of December 3, the Fourth World Internet Conference (hereinafter referred to as the "General Assembly") opened in Wuzhen, Zhejiang. This year, more than 1,500 guests from all over the world attended. Their common theme is: "Developing the digital economy, promoting openness and sharing - join hands to build a cyber-space fate community."

The Internet conference can be said to be "stars bright", "looking for shadow", "unmanned express delivery car", "hacker defense system", "translation gloves", "medical guide robot" and other popular technical achievements are appeared At this meeting. However, relative to this kind of exhibition-style briefing, Ant Financial offered impressive results by integrating the results of the blockchain into the life of the entire conference and its participants .

It is reported that this year's Ant Financial service sesame credit in the entire Wuzhen Xizha scenic area in the new 64 credit Bao borrow points, located in the west gate of a east-west two volunteers House, Wuzhen post office, Wu Village Village committees, and more B & Bs, hotels and restaurants. As long as sesame points at 600 points or more, you can borrow free of charge to take the charge Bao, borrowed within 7 days but also in the country more than 200,000 "street" borrow and return points offsite.

In addition, "no sense of payment" has been Wuzhen Dongzha scenic parking lot has been applied. As long as the first license plate and Alipay bound, visitors off the car, no parking, do not dig cash, and even cell phones do not have to take, you can smooth appearance.

Behind the "no pay" experience is based on smart device image recognition technology, brand plus deductions can be "all in one." Taking Shanghai Hongqiao Airport Parking Lot as the first one in China to try "no pay" for example, the daily traffic of T1 and T2 terminals is close to 30,000 times. After using "no pay", the departure time of each vehicle ranges from 10 seconds Reduced to less than 2 seconds, the overall parking efficiency will be increased several times.

It is understood that biometric identification is one of the core technical capabilities of Ant Financial. In October 2017, Ant Financial set up ZOLOZ, a global trusted identity platform for the world's leading financial-level biometric technology capabilities. ZOLOZ will use biometrics to help users solve the "who you are" identity problem in the digital age. This is the first independent operation technology platform hatched by Ant Financial.

All of these achievements are based on the blockchain. Blockchain has become one of the key areas of planning at the national level.

Blockchain can be easily understood as a transactional account that is publicly maintained by all participants. The disclosure of the book information enables all participants to work together to verify the correctness of transactions and billing so that the ledger has the ability to prevent malicious tampering, Blockchain becomes a vehicle that all participants can trust.

In early August 2016, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Institute of Electronics Standardization and several private enterprises gathered together, plans to write "China's blockchain technology and application of white paper," the designated industry standard, we should China's blockchain technology and industrial development forum for the next two years The plan is given.

At that time, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology letter commissioned the Ministry of Industry Electronic Standards Institute United Music Financial, Universal Holdings, Micro Bank, Ant Financial and Ping An Insurance and other enterprises to carry out blockchain technology and application development trend of research work.

Here we mainly look at these three.

Wanxiang Holdings + Bank micro-layout acceleration
It is an absolute priority to say that universalism is the "first card" in the blockchain industry in China.

In August 2015, China Wanxiang Holdings invested in Wanxiang Blockchain Laboratory and became the first research institute in China dedicated to promoting the practical application of blockchain technology. The lab sponsor is Xiao Feng, Vice Chairman of China Wanxiang Holding, and a group of heavyweight participants in the blockchain industry. It can be said that universal high profile introduced the blockchain this thing.

In 2016, Wanxiang Holdings once said it has set up a $ 50 million VC fund dedicated to investing in blockchain-related enterprises or projects. As of the beginning of 2017, a total of 23 start-up companies were invested worldwide with a total investment of 20 million U.S. dollars.

The six companies that are involved in cross-border remittance / transfer, smart securities, exchange, luxury traceability, supply chain, database management and blockchain enterprise-level solution providers are among the top companies in the application.

On July 31, 2017, Bank of Microbania, Wanxiang Blockchain and Matrix Element jointly released the news that the bottom of the blockchain platform jointly developed by the three parties, namely, the BCOS (named after BlockChain OpenSource meaning) is fully open sourced. It is reported that, BCOS platform through integrated authentication, asymmetric encryption algorithm, the introduction of technology governance capabilities, support for comprehensive regulatory audit functions and other initiatives to support the needs of multiple industries.

According to reports, in order to achieve distributed business sharing and transparent rules, open source as the main feature of the distributed technology has also been able to play its advantages, blockchain technology, distributed ledger technology has gradually become the core of cutting-edge technology representatives.

In the first half of 2017, Wanxiang blockchain developed a supply chain financial service platform based on the BCOS platform to optimize the receivables financing process. For suppliers, the business platform will effectively reduce the billing period, reduce financing costs and protect the sensitive information in the buying and selling process will not be leaked; for financial institutions, the financial platform will effectively eliminate fake trade, improve operational and risk control efficiency.

Matrix element is also a regional equity trading center is being combined to build a new generation of equity registration and service platform for SMEs based on the BCOS platform. Starting from the enterprise equity registration business, through emerging technologies to reconstruct the corporate credit base and guide public Service agencies and commercial institutions to participate together to form a new eco-system that facilitates the financing of transactions for small, medium and large enterprises.

Ant gold clothing project significantly
On July 31, 2016, Cheng Li, chief technology officer of Ant Financial announced at the 2016 Internet Finance Bund Summit that Ant Financial has tried to apply the blockchain to the public welfare scene. In the Alipay Love Bonus Platform, the online blockchain public welfare fund-raising project "Hearing impaired children regain new voice", so that every donation can be tracked.

Cheng Li said that now that Ant Financial Gold has just made a public service attempt, the future blockchain public welfare landscape will also be upgraded and more public welfare organizations and auditing agencies will be included.

In addition to ant gold clothing ontology, its Hang Seng Electronics also developed a blockchain-based digital ticket system.

The first application scenario of the ants blockchain is public welfare, raising a sum of money for a group of hearing-impaired children. August 29, 2017, Ant Financial gold blockchain technology test water insurance, help Xinmei Life Insurance Co., Ltd. launched the first domestic love insurance assistance account, so that each capital flow are open and transparent, each capital flow data Can not be tampered with, each place and use of funds are well documented.

Like universal, Ant Financial chose open source.

In November 2017, the ant blockchain was used in the traceability of food safety and the traceability of genuine products. At present, the milk powder produced in New Zealand, Australia and Maotai in China are used by users to scan with Alipay to know if they are genuine products. Unlike previous merchant input of product information, the blockchain allows multiple "bookkeepers" to complete their bookings fairly, independently and non-repudiately.

From the current blockchain project results, ant gold service more significant. However, Wanxiang Holdings pre-layout is nearing completion, post-force should not be underestimated. Coupled with Tencent clear team, the blockchain war in the domestic market is bound to be very exciting.