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Andreas Antonopo: Bitcoin is in a speculative and greed bubble that does not allow Bitcoin to run as designed

We are accustomed to fears expressed by members and governments of the Central Bank about bitcoin. However, it is even rarer for a heavyweight currency circle to use Bitcoin as the nasty word "B." Well-known bitcoin advocate Andreas Antonopoulos joined JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon and billionaire investor Janet Yellen, arguing that bitcoin, the world's hottest digital currency, is a bubble.

According to the Australian Financial Review, Andreas, a bitcoin and blockchain master, warned that so far the price increases we saw in 2017 are not the result of real adoption and use, but that people are hoping to get early cryptocurrency advocacy Parabolic income people see:

What we see is a clear and fundamental bubble driven by speculation and greed.
He also warned investors he thinks they are investing money in technological innovations that they know nothing about. This made the situation even more dangerous, and Antonopoulos believes that those who do not quite understand what they are doing are risking "serious risk."

Worries from bitcoin backers are sure to be more wary of investors than fears of central bankers who know nothing about cryptocurrencies in essence. Andreas Antonopoulos's bitcoin business has spent most of his life promoting the use of bitcoin and its disruptive attributes in the financial world. He has repeatedly stated publicly that Bitcoin completely destroyed the ability of central bankers to dominate the planet by controlling the cash we all depend on. He even wrote two of the most popular books in the field: "Mastery of Bitcoins" and "Money Network."

Instead of pursuing the wealth that Bitcoin can bring, Antonopoulos prefers to work on promoting Bitcoin. In the past few years, he has been around to promote the spread of bitcoin, his activities around the world, he selflessly support bitcoin. Although he spends a lot of time in this area, until recently he has not enjoyed the same financial success as many other early adopters in this field. It also prompted Roger Ver, also a bitcoin advocate, to attack Antonopoulos. His open "poor humiliation" of the partner prompted the Bitcoin community to donate nearly $ 2 million to Antonopoulos for his gratitude for the man who had been devoted to Bitcoin for years.

The Australasian Financial Review continued that Antonopoulos warned that Bitcoin could not function as designed due to the large number of users wishing to earn quick returns on its investments:

"Therefore, an increase in the bitcoin network congestion means Bitcoin is not currently running as originally designed."
This sentiment has also been echoed elsewhere in the industry, Asher Tan, chief executive of Coinjar, the Australian bitcoin exchange, explains:

"The Bitcoin blockchain is now completely clogged, and the fees are far outweighed.