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Amazon Web Services added support for the R3 Corda block-platform

The decentralized Corda platform is now available in the Amazon Web Services cloud service marquee (AWS), according to the blog of the R3 blockbuster consortium.

"The main advantage of Corda is the developed ecosystem of compatible applications. Due to the fact that the potential developers now include all the participants of the huge Amazon Web Services network, we expect a surge of innovation among companies developing financial and commercial applications based on distributed registry technology , "says R3 CEO David Rattner.
Also in the blog notes that now AWS users can develop their own applications CorDapps, as well as download ready-made examples directly in the market.

Recall, in early October, the consortium introduced Corda v.1.0 , and after a month and a half a new version of the platform ( v. 2.0 ) appeared. To date, R3 partners are more than 60 development companies CorDapps, including Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Intel and Microsoft.