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After jail release transformed into a billionaire? Mt Gox creditors do not agree

The "fat man," who jailed three years ago for the collapse of the Mt Gox exchange, is now or will become a multi-billion-dollar affluent man.

Recently, creditors of Mt Gox could not agree, and recently creditors filed a new court petition to prevent Mentougou CEO from taking away billions of bitcoin.

As reported by the Financial Times, creditors are seeking to withdraw Mentougou from bankruptcy and move to re-operation. Earlier, Mt Gox was held mainly by Mark Karpelès (with 88% of the shares) and 202,195 bitcoins (currently worth about $ 3.4 billion) were held by the Gox trustee when filed for bankruptcy.

At the beginning of 2014, Mt Gox experienced a hacking event that shocked the entire digital currency circle, losing almost 800,000 bitcoins (worth a few hundred million dollars) to customers. At that time, Mt. Gox, the world's largest Bitcoin exchange with the largest volume of transactions, finally declared bankruptcy after experiencing the incident and its chief executive was subsequently accused of embezzling public funds and manipulating data.

Under Japan's current bankruptcy law, Gox will pay U.S. dollars invested by its creditors in 2014 if it maintains its status quo. However, as bitcoin prices continue to rise, this means that Gox, its major shareholder Karpelès, will have won a multibillion-dollar fortune.

Creditors argue that Mt Gox can easily pay off its debts with existing bitcoin.

According to the Financial Times, Gox, after paying off its debt, is able to surpass more than 173,000 bitcoins worth nearly $ 3 billion.

The Japanese court, which oversees the Gox bankruptcy, is currently investigating the allegations but has not yet made a decision.

The creditors who filed the lawsuit said the result could turn into 'war on experts': those who work for bankruptcy trustees think the current liquidation plan is more stable and creditors see their solution faster and more fair.'
The media reported.

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