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5miles and CyberMiles join the blockchain into the real business world

5miles, a well-known C2C e-commerce service platform with ten-million user base across the United States, announced a partnership with CyberMiles, the blockbuster business intelligence contract. Underlying Blockchain CyberMiles is designed and optimized for business applications and is currently building a common blockchain network to execute real-world commercial contracts and provide numerous "smart-commerce contract" templates for different applications.

In fact, CyberMiles is a blockchain technology launched by 5miles Labs 5xLab to make 5miles the first platform to use the CyberMiles blockchain protocol, making CyberMiles itself the mainstream blockchain technology used in the real business world.

Dr.Lu Liang, CEO and founder of 5miles, said: "Over the past three years, 5miles has been a leader in innovation in the local online market with a wealth of technical and commercial experience that can customize blockchain technology and intelligence for real-world applications Business contract and 5xlab hopes to use its expertise to develop CyberMiles focused on solving trade trust and compliance issues. "

CyberMiles Chief Scientist Michael Yuan Dr Yuan said: "CyberMiles can be applied to different types of business scene applications.CyberMiles one of the principles was established to take advantage of the flexibility of blockchain technology, while tailored for real-world business needs, the rules Defined by the Smart Business Contract module. "

The benefits of using CycberMiles for a C2M (point-to-point) eCommerce platform such as 5miles are many: 
• Never- ending markets 
• User-generated, user-maintained 5miles user base 
• Democratic community management 
• Community-based conflict resolution 
• Local Promotion and Brand Ambassadors 
• Market Leads "Price" 
• Share Advertising Resources

Currently, Cybermiles has sorted out a total of 371 commercial templates in 37 sub-categories in order to solve real business problems, basically covering most commercial application scenarios.

Dr. Yuan said: "The mission of CyberMiles is to bring blockchain technology to the real world and to develop efficient and transparent business applications."

The first real-world blockchain technology application for C2C eCommerce will be released this fall, with 5miles and many others coming to the fore to commercialize the technology.

Now with more than 12 million users, 5miles created more than $ 3 billion in transactions in 2017 and is one of the most popular shopping-class mobile apps on Android and iOS. 5miles is the first full-service offering of its kind for users of the same type, ranging from merchandising to service delivery, from rental housing to job hunting, delivering live real-life merchandise within 5 miles of its users in real time.

CyberMiles, a new decentralized blockchain agreement designed to optimize business transactions, was launched in the fall of 2017 by the blockchain development lab 5xlab. CyberMiles uses an innovative Smart Business Contract template to make transactions easy, fast and transparent. CyberMiles focuses on commercial applications and its protocols ensure a perfect balance of vertical efficiency and network compatibility. For more information, visit:

About 5miles 
5miles is a free local exchange mobile program that is also one of the fastest growing online shopping operators in the United States. In addition to second-hand deal, this app also took the lead in the introduction of services, housing rental transactions and recruitment of employment and so on. Since its launch in January 2015, 5miles has quickly gained momentum due to its simple and functional mobile interface, authentication capabilities (for increased safety and security), mobile payment and shipping options, and ultra-close push and search (in the local neighborhoods Within) is widely recognized. Since then, buyers and sellers in major markets on the east and west coasts of the United States have completed more than $ 5 billion in merchandise through 5miles. Google Play is 5miles included in the top ten best shopping class program. For more information, visit