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40 musicians including Mariah Carey began accepting Monroe Payments

Including Mariah Carey, Marilyn Manson, a group of well-known musicians, began to accept privacy-oriented cryptocurrency monero.

It is reported that more than 40 top artists participating in this Project Coral Reef, including Slayer Metal Band, Weiss Choir, G-Eazy, Sia and the Fallout Boy, etc. Was jointly launched by U.S. entrepreneur Naveen Jain and chief cryptographer Riccardo "Fluffypony" Spagni.

This online shopping program allows users to buy albums and merchandise at discounted prices. For example, Mariah Carey, Alice Cooper and other celebrity store products will receive a 15% off discount.

The parties that supported the program, including Manhead Merchandise and Global Merchandise Services, both provide goods and services to a wide range of music artists. The payment processor GloBee is the processor of this encrypted payment plan.

"As cryptocurrencies become more and more popular, it can be important when it comes to how fans buy my songs and products, given that Monroe is the most secure and privacy-protected encryption One of the currencies, giving fans the option of using this payment method would be the best option, and this time just caught up with the release of my new album, "rapper G-Eazy said in a statement.
And this news may mean that Monroe is slowly moving into the mainstream. While the privacy of Monroe has raised fears in some of the world's law enforcement communities, this encrypted currency continues to attract interest in the public markets.

As of this morning, Monroe market price of about 224 US dollars, with a total market capitalization of about 3.4 billion US dollars.

"Encrypted money is becoming more and more popular, but not all currencies are equal, nor are they as private and safe as people think, and coral reef programs can be very important to mainstream Monroe One step, "Spagni said in a statement.