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2018 blockchain trends forecast 丨 big talk

The new year bell has been ringing, 2017 is over. Looking back this year, the blockchain experienced an extraordinary year. From bitcoin expansion to IFO, from limited digital cryptography to digital copyright certification, traceability of food, from the advent of alliance chains to the rapid rise of the public chain ...

Babbitt specially invited renowned entrepreneurs and investors in the area of ​​blockchain to talk about their 2017 experience and trends in the area of ​​blockchain in 2018 from different perspectives such as technology, investment and entrepreneurship. Fellow readers to share.

Interest chain technology CEO Li Wei: "block chain + " to contribute to the advent of the era

New Year's Eve, 2017 is the blockbuster technology development of the first year. As a technical team who has been striving in the blockchain technology front line, we can see that starting from the enterprise market, a large number of financial institutions to start the blockchain technology (note landing is not an experiment), the country can speak almost all of the large Medium-sized banks, inter-bank institutions, some brokerages and insurance have all started the layout of blockchain technology. Some banks even have five or six systems running online. Systems are also increasingly being transferred from the periphery to the core. There are a few individual systems Billions of assets began to flow in the block chain, we can say blockchain technology more and more to play its value as a core Internet infrastructure.

Secondly, in the Internet market, the Internet applications that are the core of the blockchain are springing up. Distributed CDNs, distributed storage, distributed computing, etc. all highlight their renewal and reconstruction of the traditional Internet model. So as to better accomplish the social coordination and distributed business operation.

Looking to 2018, in the enterprise market, more and more heavyweight applications can be expected to emerge to further complete the industrial upgrading with financial science and technology as the core and make blockchain one of the core technologies for financially enabling the real economy In the Internet market, the block chain will further realize the multi-industry distribution and optimize the allocation of resources and efficiency in the Internet market.

Da Hongfei, founder of NEO & distribution technology: China's blockchain project will continue to exert force by 2018
In 2017, the number of participants in the global blockchain has increased substantially. Driven by the concerns of investment institutions and the media, traditional businesses and consumers are more aggressively focused on cryptocurrency and its underlying blockchain technology. However, behind the upsurge, rationality looks at the technical status of the industry. I think the blockchain is still in its infancy, just as artificial intelligence and big data, it is a gradual process. It is predicted that in the next three to five years, truly mature blockchain applications will take place and will be widely used by the general public.

In 2018, I think it will be a crucial year for the traditional industries to become more closely integrated with the blockchain, as cryptocurrencies continue to grow and traditional asset managers and technicians will enter the market. As the blockchain begins to affect the market structure, more and more companies will focus on business transformation. New ecosystems with smart contract technologies will be integrated into existing industries, new business models and regulatory service models Will emerge. Among these, cross-link technology will be particularly important. Through the cross-link technology, to achieve the value chain between different blockchain, and even blockchain and traditional IT systems.

At the same time, I think the Chinese project will play an important and leading role in this revolution. With this blockchain revolution, the technological gap between domestic and foreign markets has been narrowing. With its large population, abundant capital and huge market, I think the Chinese project will continue to exert its force in 2018.

Duan Xing Xing than the original founder of the chain: China and the United States to lead the development of blockchain industry
2017 is a year of turmoil in the entire blockchain industry. Blockchain entrepreneurs in China have also experienced the upsurge of bubbles and speculation. Regulatory policies are promulgated and their own readjustment and positive adjustment are made. But unlike financial speculation, the Chinese government still lacks friendly, relaxed and encouraging policies on the overall blockchain industry and still supports technological progress and economic development.

After entering the public view by the trend of tokens, people's awareness has also been greatly improved. The blockchain is no longer used as a traditional database. Software understands that more entrepreneurs realize that its revolutionary achievement lies in integrating the economic model And incentive mechanism code written into the protocol layer, bringing the production relations and collaboration, interactive breakthrough. Among them, the public chain infrastructure enterprises and the alliance chain commercial enterprises have made great progress in product development and investment and financing this year, and have made vigorous efforts to carry forward the globalization process.

We think there will be further development in 2018. Not leading the development of the blockchain industry is South Korea and Japan, will continue to be China and the United States.

Sun Goao, founder of Goopal Group and senior expert in the area of ​​blockchain: 2018 will be the year in which the blockchain industry will differentiate and make progress
2017 is a very special year for the area of ​​blockchain. This year, the industry as a whole is developing very rapidly and can even be described as explosive growth. Only by relying on the digital assets in the blockchain, The top 100 market cap has totaled more than 400 billion U.S. dollars. This extraordinary development not only failed to reach the experts in the area of ​​blockchain, but also greatly exceeded the expectations of industry practitioners.

In my opinion, this industry grand occasion is not only the recognized blockchain inevitable, but also hides a huge bubble and risk. On the one hand, the value of the blockchain has come to a consensus. It is another disruptive technology revolution after the Internet technology revolution. The future AI and Internet of things all need blockchain technology as a support. It can be said that this is a Very vast space. On the other hand, we also see that so far there has not been any real combination of people's life in the area of ​​blockchain. At present, many companies with high market value still remain at the conceptual level.

From a global perspective, I think that 2018 will be a period of differentiation and enterprising in the blockchain industry, and a real competitive landscape will be formed. As in the Internet industry around 2000, this year may be born Block chain industry in the "Sina", "Sohu", "Netease." But the real application of blockchain innovation, I am afraid, but also in 35 years later, just as the Internet in the late stages of the development of such a monolithic BAT.

Of course, neither the researcher, practitioners nor the general public in the blockchain should be too anxious in this process. Blockchain development up to now, not lacking in itself, just need time to sediment and accumulation. For emerging technologies, especially the wave of technological innovation, it is necessary to speed up the technological iteration on the one hand and to slow down on the other hand because countless historical processes tell us that philosophy and practice are too advanced to become martyrs. As for the blockchain enterprises, they must have faith and can not give up their dreams in industries and fields. In the course of realizing their dreams, they must be lawful and compliant and have a moral bottom line.

Zhu Bo, founder and managing partner of Dreamer Fund: Blockchain allows businesses to regain full competition and break monopoly
2018 will be the return of the value of the block chain the first year. Blockchain will be more and more industries, governments, investors recognized, blockchain technology will be used in all sectors of society. This will be a great opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors, even more than the Internet, the mobile Internet revolution. At the same time, I believe that hundreds of billions of trillion dollar market value of the company, the future may also be generated in the area of ​​blockchain.

Blockchain thinking subverts Internet thinking. In the past fifteen-six years, the Internet has made historic progress and reshaped all sectors of society. At the same time the negative effect is to make the normal distribution of business patterns into a Matthew effect, winner take-all. Under the monopoly of the giant, the development of entrepreneurs is subject to great constraints. The birth of the blockchain has brought our business back to full competition and become fairer and healthier.

Cao Yin, founding partner of the Energy Blockchain Laboratory: Blockchain is about to be decentralized
For now, the blockchain has entered the deepwater zone. Blockchain is not only a technology but also a transformation of the relations of production. It is clear to all of you that the blockchain is for the sake of decentralization, for who is decentralized, whether others need you to be decentralized, and that this is an undertaking for industry applications. Faced with investors, clients and regulators Questions to answer.

The shape of the final development of all the block chain must be a public chain. The public chain is truly decentralized, the coalition chain is semi-decentralized. Compared with the public chain, the coalition chain is easier to use and in line with regulation, but in the back or in fact, or returned to a problem: to the center of the problem. Therefore, the chain should be the alliance to the public chain, is the real a reliable blockchain business to do.

2018 optimistic about the combination of blockchain and the Internet of things, entrepreneurs consider the issue is: the digitization of physical assets. This requires the use of Internet of Things mass data collection of the physical world, integrated into the digital space. If this problem is solved, energy, transportation, logistics, agricultural production and other industries can be directly or indirectly decentralized. So I think a very important point in 2018 is the combination of blockchain and IoT, with huge opportunities and higher demands on entrepreneurs.

Bobby CEO Chiang Kai-shek: Grudges forward to promote the overall development of the blockchain industry

Looking back on 2017, for the blockchain industry, it is a crucial year for rapid growth.

During the year, the blockchain industry went along with wind and rain. At the same time, all sectors of industry are trying to use the blockchain, there has been the "blockchain +" momentum. We see a lot of innovative applications and new developments in the industry. Blockchain, as the cornerstone of building value internet, is growing rapidly from technology and application level.

It is estimated that a batch of blockchain applications that can truly serve the industry will emerge in the coming year, and China will play an important role here.

Public Security Technology CEO Wei Chen: 2018 is the key year for the blockchain landing

2017 is the year when blockchain technology really caught the attention of the market. It is also the year of large-scale exploration of practical application of blockchain technology in the financial industry. From the success of the central bank-based blockchain-based digital ticket trading platform test, the HKEx announced the use of blockchain technology to build a private equity market, China Merchants Bank to use blockchain technology to achieve intra-group cross-border payments, the Shanghai Stock Exchange joint 9 Home insurance agencies have successfully verified the blockchain data trading system, to the safe use of blockchain intelligent contracts intelligent aviation delay insurance claims automatically, we see is a vigorous atmosphere.

2018 will be the key to the gradual maturation of the blockchain technology and the business scenario. The development of new technologies including the Internet of Things (IoT) will increase the adoption rate of the blockchain. Public Security Technology will work closely with industry partners to focus on the commercialization of the financial sector and explore business scenarios suitable for blockchain technology for various financial institutions such as banks, securities, insurance and funds, and actively plan the establishment of blockchain anti-counterfeiting traceability Union, in the agricultural products, food, alcohol, luxury goods, diamonds, jewelry and other areas to expand the application of blockchain technology.