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2017 Investors in crypto-currency hedge funds spree $ 2 billion, Morgan Stanley said next year will be even more crazy

According to Morgan Stanley, professional hedge funds this year have invested in cryptocurrencies Two billion U.S. dollars.

The investment bank's estimate comes from consulting firm Autonomous NEXT and its own research data. This week they sent their results to a report titled "Bitcoin Decryption" to customers.

This year, bitcoin prices rose more than 1,500%, thus attracting the attention of institutional investors and retail investors. According to data provided by in mid-November this year, the number of hedge funds currently associated with cryptocurrencies has exceeded 120.

HFR, the hedge fund industry data provider, introduced two new indices last week, the HFR Blockchain Composite Index and the HFR Cryptocurrency Index, to track investments in this area. Currently, the two indices track only about 20 products, but the data obtained can be traced back to 2015. The cryptocurrency index has posted an annual interest rate of 292% since its launch, and achieved a 1641% growth in 2017.

Kenneth J. Heinz, president of HFR, said:

As blockchains and cryptocurrencies move towards the mainstream, and have created attractive opportunities for investors, fund managers, traders and other market participants, investors have also shown interest in the fund in recent months increase.
However, he also reminded everyone that there is great volatility and risk in this area.

Earlier this month, exchange operator Cboe (Chicago Board Options Exchange) and CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) launched bitcoin futures contracts , and as a result, more and more traditional institutional investors have been able to access this JP Morgan became a "new asset class" investment products.