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115 dollars to buy Lamborghini? Bitcoin makes your dreams come true!

Peter Saddington, co-founder of VINVIN, a company whose first-hand experience shows that you can buy incredible things like Lamborghini by using cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin.

n an interview in October, Suttoning recounts how he invested in Bitcoin from November 2011 to buy a luxury sports car.

Sudding made his first investment at a price of $ 2.52 in Bitcoin. He was frank, his investment was almost blind cat killed mouse, do not know whether this thing really make money.

"I did not really believe Bitcoin made a lot of money for me in 2011. I never thought about it, and it was an adventurous proposition that I actually invested more than I originally planned to invest in," he said.

Now, his investment has finally been rewarded, and very rich. With bitcoin now worth more than $ 16,000, Suttoning realized he could finally realize his dream of buying a supercar.

Many netizens disapprove of Sutdington buying Lamborghini in cryptocurrencies, as bitcoin prices continue to rise and are likely to last for many years until more than $ 100,000.

His wife also expressed strong opposition to the purchase of cars, whether real money or bitcoin, she thinks Lamborghini too show off. So, he bought an Audi sedan. Of course, it proved costly for the money later.

Later, one day at VINWIN, a colleague of Sutton opened his own Lamborghini to work. Suddington put his son on the driver's seat of the sports car, and soon his son fell in love with the car.

Sardinian's wife also saw a shift in thinking that his son was super happy with the steering wheel. In the end, they finally decided to swap a Lamborghini for Bitcoin with a $ 115 investment in 2011.

Suttoning concedes that the bitcoin price could reach $ 20 million in the future as the price of bitcoin continues to grow exponentially.

"But sometimes you have to reward yourself," he said.

In a follow-up interview in November, Sutton admitted that having Lamborghini cost him about $ 4,000 a day, but said he and his family are enjoying every moment.

"I really like it, my wife and I are driving it, and we've been driving to send our children to school, and certainly not to mention of course, every time I add oil, I have a smile," he said.

In his second interview, Sutdington recalled the first time a year he saw a car parked outside the store. But he never imagined that a year later he could finally get the same car at a cheaper price due to a minor traffic accident with Hummer.

The photo shows the car damaged bumper and scratched passenger side door.

Now that bitcoin prices are skyrocketing, Sardinia admits he expects more criticism from him and tells him that his decision to buy supercars with bitcoin is a bad one.

When the news about his purchase of sports cars detonated the network, many started discussions with him about Bitcoin, and Sardinian's views were also accepted by some.

"So the fun is not just driving sports cars, but also communicating with people who really are interested in this new technology called bitcoin. Bitcoin + Lamborghini is a strong dialogue to start on this emerging technology One of the best marketing tools in my opinion that will change the world, "he said.

This is good news for Suddington. But in the rest of the world, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are being banned. Countries such as Indonesia, India and Vietnam take a tough stance on currencies. However, there are still good things to do. For example, Japan is still the key factor in increasing the value of cryptocurrencies.