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Yahoo Finance has a section on crypto-currencies

The Yahoo Finance portal, popular with traders and other representatives of the financial world, has a section devoted entirely to crypto-currencies. In addition to bitcoin and other major currencies, it also features many other altcoys.

Historically, Yahoo Finance has been one of the most advanced financial portals in terms of represented assets, focusing primarily on traders from North America. Investors appreciate this resource for an abundance of free data, using this information in their activities.

Now they have access to detailed information on digital assets: in total, the section currently includes 108 different crypto-currencies with real-time information on prices, trade volumes, market capitalization and other parameters. Also, there are various graphs, historical data and other useful information, the source of which is the analytical service Cryptocompare.

In addition, users can find here the latest news from the world of bitcoin and crooked currencies, and also directly connect their account to Coinbase wallet.

It should be noted that Yahoo Finance was one of the first specialized resources, which several years ago added information about bitcoin, however, the appearance of altcous data on the portal can be considered a historic step signaling the growing interest of traditional investors in crypto-currencies.