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The identity of the cryptocurrency creator is not important: more attention should be paid to the technology itself

To our knowledge, Richard Wagner and Henry Ford are serious anti-Semitics. However, we can still appreciate the beauty of the musical they have created and the efficiency of the work flow.

In other words, the identity or character of the creator has almost no effect on the value of creation.
That is why a few years ago the mainstream media's revelation of Bitcoin, inventor Nakamoto, was foolish. We've seen what bitcoin is doing and we know how it works because its code is public. If it does not have destructive, then people's concern for the author will be ridiculous.

Looking for and distracted

The search for Nakamoto by these media In addition to the veteran of Mr. Dorian Nakamoto and the remarkable Craig Wright, these media drew attention from influencing money and society caused by Nakamoto's work Spread out on interesting issues.

Questions like this: Why an unknown geek can prove the value of a transaction on a global scale in minutes, while the transfer between bank accounts still takes days? In the Internet era, the capital control is still valid? (If any) - is this really a bad thing if it is not valid? This inefficiency makes me feel that I actually do not own the stocks in my portfolio?

However, in my area of ​​specialization, there are too many people who are more interested in talking about people than discussing big ideas. As President Trump said: Regrettably!

However, Bitcoin has opened up another new way. When you take the time to learn cryptocurrencies, it inevitably reminds you of your identity - when is it important? When does not matter? Why is it important?

To be sure, sometimes knowing someone's identity is helpful or even crucial. For example, businesses often need to know their clients to prevent fraud or to assess credit risk. Some crooks have also been posing as CoinDesk lately, sending fishing documents to the Dutch under our name - these crooks need to be exposed (and their consequences).

However, there are times when identity information can affect people's judgment. Even the Bitcoin community can not solve this problem.

Submit BIP anonymously

In the BIP Proposal submitted in March, Chris Stewart, co-founder of SuredBits, described the danger as the debate heats up:

"We saw the politicization of changes at the protocol level, and the criticism of those changes slowly became based on the criticism of who submitted the BIP, what it criticized was not what it actually contained, which is what elites might have The worst thing that happened. "

To solve this problem, Stewart proposed asking for BIPs with pseudonyms. He wrote: "This means that BIP can pay more attention to its technical advantages when making proposals and inspections.

If a developer wants reputation after the BIP is accepted, Stewart proposes an encryption method to prove authorship - avoiding the farce of Craig Wright.

In a conversation a few weeks ago when the Segwit2x branch was still expected to happen, the bitcoin faction was fiercely battling and Stewart gave another reason: why technicians would want their ideas to be discussed without ownership.

"I think people need to be more aware of their online role - if not, this can have terrible consequences," Stewart told me and cites an example of a recent well-known bitcoin developer "alarm." "I guess any mighty person in this area is going to be harassed a lot."

So next time someone asks who you think Satoshi is, do not indulge in these gossip games.

Instead, ask them a question: "Who invented the pants?"