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Than the original chain landing Hong Kong digital asset platform EXX

(November 27, 2017) - Jointly announced by the original chain team and, Hong Kong's digital asset management platform, BTX will be on on November 29, 2017. This is the latest development in overseas markets since the original chain was landed in South Korea on November 25 and is now more than the original chain has been stationed in the United States, New Zealand, Canada, South Korea and other countries and regions of the digital asset platform.

Founded in September 2017, has been operating in the blockchain and digital asset industries for more than four years with members operating in Canada, Hong Kong and Australia. is a secure, trusted digital asset platform that uses multiple security technologies to create a financial-asset platform that delivers digital asset services such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic and USDT around the world.

Bytom is a blockchain interactive protocol for a variety of bit assets through which different types of assets (earning rights, unlisted equity, debt, digital money, etc.) running on the original chain can be exchanged , Betting and interoperability with smart contract-based complexity.

Than the original chain since June 2017 project has been to speed up technology development process. In September and November of this year, the first version of the test network, BigBang and BigBang 0.1.3, respectively, was released. This fully realized the release and transfer of assets. In addition, in terms of organizational structure, more than the original chain has been established in Singapore than the original chain Foundation, overall responsibility for the development of the original chain technology, commercialization and promotion. In terms of compliance, it passed the "Howey Test" of U.S. law firms in October than the original chain, making it the first compliance compliant, non-securities blockchain project in the United States. In community promotion, than the original chain has been held in Japan and other countries than the original global chain Bytom Meetup, a warm response. November 29, than the original team will go to Singapore to participate in the 2017 Block Show ASIA General Assembly, and will continue to host a global tour Meetup.

In order to popularize the application of blockchain technology, Hong Kong is committed to developing a new economic pillar of the local science and technology industry, in line with the dominance of the banking and shipping industries. The Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission has joined the R3 International Blockchain Alliance and government-backed research institutes have conducted research to provide property valuation services through the blockchain system. A growing number of Hong Kong entrepreneurs and policy makers believe that the blockchain distributed ledger system will eventually find its way into more than one category, including financial services and supply chains. They think the city's liberal policy, coupled with its expertise in finance and logistics, has helped make it a hub for nurturing blockchain start-ups.

Than the original chain committed to becoming the world's largest asset registration, circulation, interoperability in the field of public blockchain platform. Through global distribution, hope than the original chain in more countries can take root and gather to attract more blockchain technology hobby and developers to jointly promote the development of the blockchain industry.