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Six organizations of Kazakhstan founded an association of blockade and crypto-currency

Promotion of technological ideas and bills in the field of regulation of the crypto-currency market in Kazakhstan will be carried out by the Association of Blockbusters and Crypto-Currency. In mid-November, the organization filed an application for official registration, writes The Astana Times.

According to the publication, six organizations initiated the creation of the association, and another 15 applied for participation in it.

"Our main goal is, together with the National Bank, to enact the rules of the game on the blockade market and crypto-currency in Kazakhstan. In Kazakhstan, there are no companies working in the blockade market, but there are many companies that see the prospects for this technology for themselves, "said the co-founder of the association and the chairman of the council, Yeset Butin.

He noted that the infrastructure and effective legislation will give an impetus to the development of the Kazakhstan's crypto-currency market.

Also, Butin said the expediency of issuing the Central Bank "cryptoten" to create a platform for the legal purchase of crypto currency for the national currency of Kazakhstan.

In the nearest plans of the association, the launch of educational programs on the subject of blockade in the universities of the country.

Recall that in October in Russia was officially registered Association of crypto-currencies and block. In November , profile associations from Australia, Germany, Kazakhstan, Turkey and Switzerland announced their intention to join the RACIB .