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Odessa cargo carrier plans to switch to crypto-payments

The Odessa cargo transportation company Varamar announced plans to conduct crypto-currency transactions to pay for its services. According to Bloomberg , now the company's representatives are negotiating with the client on the conclusion of a pilot deal in a new format.

In the future, "Varamar" plans to take bitcoin on an ongoing basis. According to the company's representatives, the Crypto currency can greatly facilitate the work with clients in countries affected by sanctions. In addition, working with the digital currency means reducing the number of necessary documents to enter into a transaction.

"Documents for transactions are a difficult problem for banks, and bitcoin-payments will help to resolve this issue very quickly. In addition, it will now be easier to conclude deals with countries such as Pakistan, Russia, Sudan, Yemen and Qatar, in which there are safe companies, "commented the founder of Varamar, Alexander Varvarenko.

Note that Ukraine has not yet recognized the crypto currency as an official cash, despite the fact that the financial regulators of the country supported the need for their regulation .