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My prediction is: one day in the future we can not do without blockchain technology !

Blockchain technology, once used behind bitcoin, is poorly known, but now it has begun to shine. In fact, the original intention was to encrypt the security of the blockchain technology developed for the future will be used to protect almost everything - from music to the mortgage. As the IoT continues to expand, such protection will be a necessary way to maintain the world's normal functioning. The following five points are my predictions for a change in the number to a higher level in the blockchain.


There is no day for bank and bank robbery

This is possible, and I'm not saying back to the good old days when you hid your money under the mattress. The power of blockchain is to eliminate those intermediaries in financial transactions, their presence will make the transaction costs greatly increased. If all the money is digitized, then it does not need to be stored or protected. In addition to bitcoin, blockchain can also be used to develop local currency or internationally recognized currency - depending on the needs of industries and users. Although you might think that this big business will be opposed by the major economic institutions because the blockchain may make them lose their jobs, studies show that 65% of banks plan to deploy a certain degree of blockchain technology in the coming years, This will make blockchain technology even more powerful.

Say goodbye to currency transaction fee

One of my friends recently tried to send money to Bangladesh. When she and the bank confirmed that they had a good handling fee, they found that the payee received far less money than she did. This is the current state of currency transactions. However, the "borderlessness of currency flows" advocated by the blockchain will make it easier for people to trade with other countries. Not only is it quick and easy, but no intermediate agency charges excessive fees. This will not only encourage international trade and international assistance, but also facilitate some immigrants to send money to their hometown. In my opinion, this is what digital change involves - helping customers and users better - so they can better keep the money they earn.


3. Tracking products - from the delivery to the shelf

What does this mean based on a decentralized blockchain ledger that can record every aspect of a product as a commodity transaction? Merchants can now track the history, quality of items, and even the raw materials they produce, allowing traders to better evaluate the quality of their merchandise offered by their suppliers, the quality of their packaging, and identify the Any quality problem. Imagine knowing exactly which factory produces the cotton that produces your jeans - the quality of the cotton at the time of harvest - and even when the cotton was picked. Yes, the use of blockchains can achieve such a specific effect, which also prevents suppliers of inferior goods from tampering with the history of the information in order to avoid accusations or penalties.

Data security

In the Internet of Things era, all kinds of information will be shared on the Internet, so that everyone will regard information security as the top priority. With blockchain technology, this concern becomes history, and the integration of data is guaranteed - destruction of data is impossible.

5. Cloud storage

Due to the power of the blockchain, some of today's major tech players such as Microsoft, Amazon, SAP, and IBM are no exception to introducing blockchain-based cloud services. If you are already involved in the investment in the field of virtual security, I am sorry, there will soon be a safer, convenient and fast way to store data - BaaS.

Yes, the blockchain is still the technology that most people do not know - and even more people do not know how to use it. But over the next few years, I think the availability of blockchain technology and BaaS technology will make a huge difference - the lives of businesses and individuals will improve. Stay tuned - life will become more and more interesting in the future.