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In the Swiss Zug has earned a service identification on the blockbuster Ethereum

Created on the basis of Ethereum blockade service, the verification of the identification data of Uport citizens became available to citizens of the Swiss city of Zug. This is written by Cryptocoinsnews .

The solution was developed by the ConsenSys blocking company in partnership with a local start-up ti & m and the University of Economics of Lucerne. Now the authorities of the capital of the Swiss Cryptodolin can carry out a digital citizenship check using the Ethereum blockade.

The new data verification system works as follows: after downloading the Uport application, citizen Zuga registers his Uport ID in the Ethereum block, creating a global identifier. The latter is the address of the smart contract (known as the Uport proxy contract).

Further, citizens register their Uport ID to enter the Zug ID web portal, by scanning the QR code. After authentication on the portal, the citizen enters an already existing identifier and personal information, which is then checked by the administrator.

After registration within 14 days, the citizen should visit the office of the administration of Zug with a document proving his identity.

Officials Zuga go to the administrative portal under their own Uport-ID. The official can then check the applicant's information. If it is approved, the citizen receives the Uport citizenship ID.

According to the developers and local authorities, "citizenship on the blockbuster" will increase the level of trust and effectiveness of interaction between state institutions and citizens, as well as improve access to electronic services, including online voting.

It is expected that the launch of the voting system on the detachment will take place next spring. The main goal of the program is to create a global self-service system based on new technologies.

Recall, the Swiss Zug announced the launch of the uPort platform in July this year.