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In Russia, going to ICO companies will begin to check for reliability

The Russian Association of Crypto-Currency and Block-Bone (RACIB) is developing a single standard for assessing the reliability of companies entering the initial coin placement (ICO). As Izvestia writes, this assessment system will be applied to both Russian and foreign participants of the Krauseyls.

According to representatives of the RACIB, this standard will allow investors to make sure of the reliability of the companies they plan to invest in. In the future, a unified system of assessments will allow to form general rules for companies entering the ICO.

As the director of the RAKIB Arseniy Sheltsin told, the association decided to develop a standard due to the appearance on the ICO market of a large number of scammers who manipulate the ratings: they present an estimate by an unknown technique, and agree to raise a point for a fee.

"In any project, there are many parameters that affect the final rating in the rating: who is in the team, whether any of its participants was noticed in fraudulent actions, what kind of business model does the company have and can it survive in a year or two, is promising Does the idea of ​​how new it is. Evaluation can give an investor an understanding of whether it is possible to trust the project and whether it is worth investing in it, "Shcheltsin explained.
In order for the valuation system to be applicable to foreign companies, RKKIB also entered into partnership agreements with 30 organizations that unite the largest players in the industry in different countries. The requirements of the Russian standard are also planned to be coordinated with the international community.

It is expected that the Russian development will become the first in the world standard of ratings in the field of ICO.

Recall that in September the Russian Innovation Support Fund made a proposal to involve rating agencies in the evaluation of projects that go to the ICO . In October, the president of the Foundation for the Institute for Internet Development, Alexei Fyodorov, suggested placing information about Russian ICO start-ups in a single register .