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In New York for a crypto currency will be removed a film about the policy of Donald Trump

Living in New York, a native of Tajikistan, Khushnud Shukurov plans to withdraw a 20-minute short film about the policy of US President Donald Trump, for which he intends to attract crypto-investment. This is written by Sputnik Tajikistan.

According to 31-year-old Khushnuda Shukurova, her film, Detained, reveals the deplorable aspects of Trump's latest migration decree, which, since June 30, banned the entry into the US of citizens of six Muslim countries - Iran, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen .

For the start of filming, the girl needs $ 50,000, and the director plans to attract the right amount with the help of Singular-DTV, an entertainment company based on blockbuster technology.

"As part of its special project Tokit, the company will release digital tokens, which can be purchased to support my film. This method of fund-raising is more than real and profitable, especially for creative people who, because of lack of finance, are idle for years. I'm very glad that such a company as Singular-DTV considered something worthy for attracting investments in my film, "Khushnuda Shukurova said.

After filming the short film "Detainees" the girl plans to realize the script of a full-length film telling the history of the Tajik who has to achieve success in the sport through the confrontation of relatives and friends.
"I want to be part of the revolution of equal opportunities, which is given to everyone exactly by crypto-currency investment, " Shukurova stressed.
Note that on the director's account there are already a few short films and a documentary Love Life Regardless, the rights to the show were bought by the British television company BBC.

Recall that in October the film crew of the Russian sci-fi film "Reanimator" invited investors in the ICO project to star in the roles of a thug, a special commander and a DPSnik .