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In just a month, bitcoin grew almost 50%

Over the past 30 days, the first crypto currency has risen by 46% and at the moment bitcoin is trading around $ 8,650, gradually approaching a new psychological mark.

According to the analytical service of Coinmarketcap, the current market capitalization of "digital gold" is $ 143 billion. For clarity, the capitalization of bitcoin can be compared with the market value of the largest corporations:

Thus, bitcoin has already bypassed the capitalization of such large corporations as IBM and 3M Co. High probability that in the near future the total market value of the first crypto currency will surpass the capitalization of companies General Electric, Walt Disney and Boeing. To circumvent the cost of Apple, the price of bitcoin should exceed 53.2 thousand dollars.

Bitcoin is not only the leader among the Crypto-currencies (the dominance index is 52.6% with a total market capitalization of $ 274.6 billion), it outperforms other digital assets by the daily trading volume (BTC - $ 4.4 billion, ETH - $ 1.9 billion, BCH - $ 1.7 billion).

Since the beginning of this year, the price of the first crypto currency has grown almost nine times. The rapid growth of Bitcoin has greatly contributed not only to repeal the controversial hardforka SegWit2x , but also the interest of institutional investors, infrastructure development and the gradual integration with the world cryptocurrency conventional finance.

So, very soon, bitcoin futures may appear on the largest North American financial derivatives market CME Group . According to some experts, this event will not only positively affect the price of the first crypto currency, but will also reduce its volatility , which, however, tends to decrease over time.