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From the evolutionary point of view blockchain: "fork" is a technical problem or a consensus?

Singapore time On November 29, Blockshow Asia Summit hosted by Cointelegraph was grandly opened in Singapore. Li Yuan, a key partner at Achain, and Summit CEO Addy Crezeexie joined hands to address the opening ceremony and immediately delivered a keynote address on the recent hot topic "Blockchain Forking" and accepted an interview with Babbitt Information on the topic.

Over the past nine years through the block chain 1.0 and 2.0, the future focus?

"Blockchain technology has been in development for nine years now and we have gone through blockchain 1.0 and 2.0 together, but how is the future going?" Li Yuan mentioned in his speech,

"There are two facts here that can help us think:
Since BCC (Bitcoin Cash) bifurcated from the Bitcoin mainframe in August this year, it has solved the bitcoin expansion problem and raised the block capacity (from the original 1 trillion to the present 8 trillion), boosting the transaction Performance; at the same time, thousands of blockchain projects are booming internationally, with a total of 1,324 now. However, such numbers are still difficult to fully meet the diverse needs of 67 industries and 147 sub-sectors around the world. Is it possible to use only one platform to meet the needs of different industries? "

Li Yuan believes that perhaps "fork" is such a solution. The use of bifurcation to obtain different blockchain, to meet different business applications, different performance requirements, different data needs; bifurcation can also get another benefit, the original user can inherit and retain.


Blockchain forks: technical or consensus?

As a faithful believer in bitcoin, Li Yuan's concept of "forking" has changed a lot in the recent year. In his opinion, software needs to be upgraded, and blockchain bifurcation is a way to upgrade. On the other hand, when Ethereum was the bifurcation of bitcoin's loyal faith believers, it was initially unacceptable. Later this year's observation revealed that this was originally a technical issue and an upgrade. "

"But at this stage most of the bifurcation is a social issue, or a problem between people, which is not bound to technological upgrading, although in many cases they are simultaneous, but in fact we can form The divergence of consensus is a technical issue and everybody agrees that two chains can be separated: Achain, for example, is Dpos, and this consensus divergence can be achieved.

Blockchain from the Perspective of Evolutionism

Li Yuan had a bold imagination at the scene: As Darwin's theory of evolution states, the direction of biological evolution is from single cell to multicellular, from neurons to neural networks, and the ability of the organism to adapt and change the environment is also evolving. Based on this, Li Yuan put forward his own ideas: the blockchain as a species, the bifurcation process as a genetic variation, the community activity as the ability to adapt to the environment, in terms of "forked" process.

Li Yuan believes that the future of blockchain service object is each individual. "Everyone can become a node in this network by carrying different information such as personal identity, assets, creditworthiness, health, etc. through different forked networks, and when all this forms an association, information can be interacted, interconnected and interoperable." In He sees real bifurcation and the Internet as people's behavior can be identified and documented and linked to credit and assets.