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Current systems within the banking industry, in particular, are certainly archaic and in need of a significant revamp. Bitcoin's success on based on the blockchain technology could not have come at a better time.

The current system of banking industry is indeed particularly outdated and must be reshaped. The success of "bitcoin", a science-based "blockchain" technology, comes exactly in time.

UBS CEO has Sergio Ermotti, UBS having already entered into a partnership with IBM to use blockchain technology for global trade transactions. Ermotti has said that that he believes that there is a future for blockchain technology and that it will play a big role in changing and reshaping the industry. Other banks that have also joined the partnership include Commerzbank, Bank of Montreal, CaixaBank and Erste Group according to IBM.

Bank of Switzerland CEO Segio. Hermione has prompted UBS to work with IBM to use blockchain technology to handle the global trading business. Hermione earlier said he believes blockchain technology is promising and plays an important role in the restructuring and transformation of the banking industry. IBM said it has also partnered with Commerzbank, Bank of Montreal, Chesapeake and Austria's First Savings Bank.

More banks recently joined the IBM project named Batavia and blockchain technology. The project is expected to completely transform trade finance, which to this day continues to be substantially paper-based, resulting in significant lag times for receipt of goods and payment.

More and more banks have recently joined IBM's blockchain technology project "Batavia." The project is expected to completely reverse the financial transactions; the financial industry has long been a paperwork, which led to substantial delays in the transaction made two.

It's not just the financial institutions who are moving into the blockchain world, with central banks also exploring the technology. News hit the wires at the end of last week as the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission beginning to test the technology.

Not only are financial institutions involved in the blockchain world, but there are also central banks exploring the technology. The latest report released late last week said the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission is embarking on testing blockchain technology.

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bitcoin: noun, bitcoin 例句: Bitcoin is a payment which is peer-to-peer with transactions taking place between users directly, without an intermediary. (Bitcoin payment is a point-to-point transfer directly by the user and does not require an intermediary.)

here to stay: idioms, enduring, long-lived Our love is here to stay.

archaic: adjective, ancient, outdated. The company does some things in archaic ways.