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Encryption Valley Innovation: Residents of Zug town in Switzerland already have blockchain IDs

Uport is an autonomous identity management platform to build a user-centric data in an Ethernet Square block chain on. The platform is open to residents in Zug, Switzerland.

Uport recently announced on the blog that this is the first Zugertel-owned blockchain identity authentication platform to be officially supported.

Electronic service

Zug, Switzerland, is known for its "Encrypted Valley" designation, where a large number of industry start-ups have been established. Uport cooperated with Zug in the research and development of blockchain projects. The resident registration program aims to help people get proof of residency and online voting and other electronic services. Uport has been working with ti & m, their Swiss partner, to develop this platform.

The project is a landmark event because it proves the government's digital identity to issue citizens through the Ethereum blockchain.

Digital identity enables mutual trust between government agencies and the general public while also providing opportunities for mutual interaction in digital life.

Zug Town plans to launch an electronic voting project in the spring of 2018.


Operation method

After downloading the Uport app, citizens of Zug can register their Uport ID on the Ethereum blockchain to create a global identifier. The address shown here is the smart contract address, which is the contractual agreement of Uport.

Citizens can log in using the newly registered Uport ID as an identity website provided by the Zug government by scanning the QR code. Once certified through this site, citizens can enter their ID numbers as well as personal information, which is subject to government approval.

After the registration process is completed, citizens can bring their government-provided identification documents to the Zug government for review within 14 days. After review by government staff, how citizens register online is the same as in their identification documents, and eventually the blockchain ID provided by Uport will be officially available.