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Do not buy blockchain account, Amazon AWS This is to?

Currently, the underlying technology Bitcoin blockchain has become the new darling of the financial and technology fields, but do not expect Amazon AWS will soon launch services based on blockchain technology.

On the first day of AWS's annual re: Invent conference in Las Vegas, Amazon AWS CEO Andy Jassy talked about his team's plans for blockchain services.

Surprisingly, the Amazon executive does not seem optimistic about the current blockchain.

Jiexi disclosed in an interview with reporters that AWS did spend a lot of time observing the blockchain, but he did not think users should expect the company to launch blockchain-based services in a short period of time.

"In addition to being used as a distributed ledger, we have not seen much practical use of the blockchain.We do not build this technology because we think it's cool, and only if we see it resolved Customer issues, and be able to build the best solution to the problem before we build it. "
According to Geith, at present, most blockchain applications can be solved by other means.
"There are other ways to solve these problems," he said. "Of course, we are curious about what the client will eventually do there."
In contrast, major AWS competitors, such as Microsoft and IBM, appear to be more bullish on blockchain services and distributed ledgers. In the past few months, we've seen some blockchain services and pilot projects from Microsoft and IBM. However, for now it seems that Amazon does not seem to plan to join the team.