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Buterin: technological shading will allow Ethereum to reach the scale of Visa

At the BeyondBlock Taipei conference, Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin presented a roadmap for the project, the ultimate goal of which is to achieve the scale of the Visa payment system. This is reported by TrustNodes .

"The Ethereum killer is Ethereum, the Chinese Ethereum is Ethereum, the Taiwanese Ethereum is Ethereum ... 2.0" , this introductory word was voiced by Vitalik Buterin.
According to the founder of the project, Ethereum faces three main problems: privacy, security and scalability. At the same time, the problem of privacy has already been solved by three quarters due to the introduction of the zero-disclosure algorithm and the ring signature within the October Byzantium hard-core .

The Ethereum block also collided with the trilhemy of decentralization, security and scalability. At this stage in the development of distributed registry technology, you can only provide two processes at a time and sacrifice one thing. Vitalik Buterin stressed that the project intends to solve these problems and develop a working on-line solution instead of second-level solutions, such as Plasma, Raiden and Lightning Network.


One of the key decisions the founder of Ethereum considers "sharding". The idea is that the nodes store only part of the distributed registry, and the underlying mathematics would ensure the system's transparency and accountability in such a way that each node can rely on the information of others.

"Expressed in plain language, sharding assumes the existence of different universes, transactions in which affect only the state of each particular universe," - said Buterin.
In this case, each universe is not a separate block, they interact in accordance with one consensus algorithm, and to crack at least one, you need to crack all the others.

As we have previously held the release of the first version of Casper PoS-protocol Ethereum to improve network performance.