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Bittrex Exchange deleted user orders created more than 28 days ago

Bittrex, a specialty mainly based on altoquinas, has removed all user orders created more than 28 days ago. This popular marketplace reported in the mailing list.

According to representatives of Bittrex, such "old" warrants do not justify themselves and "lack a rational basis."

"As we said in the past, many of these warrants are devoid of rational expectations, that someday they will be executed, and only book orders are littered ," Bittrex reported.
Also, the Bittrex exchange informed that within the next two weeks the minimum allowable amount for placing the order will be equivalent to 0.001 BTC (previously it corresponded to 50,000 Satoshi).

Among other things, the minimum step of changing the value of the price will be raised. Currently, the minimum tick on the Bittrex exchange corresponds to 1 satoshi. Under the new rules, which will take effect in the coming weeks, the new base point of price change will be 0.1% of the current price of the asset.
For example, Ethereum is trading at 0.0577 BTC. Under the new rules, bid and ask prices may deviate with a minimum step of 0.0001 from the current ETH rate. Thus, the nearest minimum allowable price for placing orders to buy or sell will be 0.0576 and 0.0578

In the end, the administration of Bittrex assured users that in the future it will continue to discourage any kind of manipulation in the market, including the Pump & Dump schemes.

"In accordance with our terms of service, we will suspend and close any accounts involved in this type of activity and notify the relevant authorities," the newsletter reported.
It is worth noting that before making a mailing, this pretty large crypto-exchange reported on its Twitter account about the DDoS-attack.

Recall, last month, the Bittrex exchange temporarily blocked 0.1% of the total number of user accounts for the security audit. Soon after, one of the users of this exchange contacted ForkLog's editorial office, who reported that all his family's savings (about $ 1 million) had been blocked at Bittrex .